Zuzu (As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa)

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This is not the Zuzu we know and love.

Zuzu is a character created by Brazilian artist Mariana Caltabiano, who is the protagonist of the Brazilian 90s puppet show Zuzubaland and its 2018 animated reboot. Although she is best known for being the main character of Zuzubaland, she has made occasional appearances in crossover episodes of As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa (another show created by Mariana Caltabiano), and appears in three episodes: A Rampa de Skate, A Colméia and Zuzubalândia. However, while Zuzu is usually portrayed as a friendly tomboy in her own show, the same can't be said about her character in As Aventuras de Gui and Estopa, where she is portrayed as an annoying, attention hogging and snobbish jerkass.

Why She Sucks

Note: This only applies to her character in As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa, since her original version in Zuzubaland and its 2018 reboot are more likable.

  1. Zuzu has almost no personality in these episodes, being portrayed only as a snobbish bee who finds herself the center of attention and is a bad singer.
  2. Zuzu's voice (in the original Brazilian dub) in these episodes is really terrible, as it sounds like a man in "A Rampa de Skate" and too nasal in the other two episodes, which is especially notable during the moments when she sings (although this is a original characteristic of Zuzu being a bad singer, in Zuzubaland her voice is more funny in the moments when she appears singing terribly), being inferior to her voices both in the original puppet show and in the 2018 animated reboot.
    • On that topic, Zuzu sounds more like an adult than a child in these episodes.
  3. In "A Colméia", Zuzu is even more unlikable than ever, as she is very annoying, insisting on stalking Gui and Estopa and forcing them to hear her voice even though they don't want to hear her (something that also happens in "Zuzubalândia"). It gets to the point that Gui and Estopa often try to distance themselves from her.
  4. In "Zuzubalândia", she invades Gui's birthday party and is responsible for making the cake and candy run away with her horrible singing, and and as a result, she ruins Gui's birthday. She is also responsible for forcing Gui want to wake up from his dream.
  5. In "A Rampa de Skate", Zuzu acts like a attention whore, as she acts rude to her cameraman to the point that she threatens to discount his salary after he moves the camera to film Piti flying in the sky instead of her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In "A Colméia" and "Zuzubalândia", she received a redesign, with her appearance looking more cute and friendly, which fits her tomboyish personality perfectly, as opposed to her original appearance which made her look like a snobbish slut. This redesign was later used for the 2018 animated reboot, albeit revised.
  2. She massively redeemed herself later on in the Zuzubaland cartoon reboot, with her voice being much better and her tomboyish personality being altered slightly.


  • In the episode "A Rampa de Skate", Zuzu appears designed more similar to her original look from the 1998 puppet show. This design was also used on the "Iguinho" website until the beginning of the 2010s.