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    "Sparkle Pony!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Obnoxious Little Girl
    Age: 3
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Finley Rose Slater
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Playing with Fire

    Zoey is a character from the critically panned 2019 Nickelodeon movie Playing with Fire. She is portrayed by Finley Rose Slater.

    Why She Shouldn't Be Playing with Fire at All

    1. For starters, her only defining trait is being an extremely immature spoiled brat to the point of being extremely insufferable, as she is an obnoxious little girl who cries a lot in the film, so much to the point that she's a literal "bratty toddler stereotype". If you take away any redeeming quality from a baby/toddler character in general, you are left with Zoey in a nutshell.
    2. Her crying is so loud, to the point that she could already give both Willie Scott, Jeremy Creek, Millie Burtonburger and Nickelodeon's version of Fred Figglehorn a run for their money in terms of obnoxiousness (with the latter character being co-incidentally also from a Nickelodeon production).
      • Her crying can be annoying and repetitive, and it can even go on for an entire minute.
    3. She is three years old and wears diapers for unknown reasons, and she is too old to wear those.
      • It was never explained how she wears diapers in the first place without further explanation.
      • She should have been potty-trained in this movie, but no, it did not happen throughout the movie.
      • To be fair, in real life, some toddlers still wear diapers as late as age 3, even though most of them are already at the stage of being almost fully potty-trained and would later fully move out of that diaper stage at some point at that age. The same cannot be said for Zoey though, due to these reasons above.
    4. Her acting is terrible to hear, especially no thanks to Finley Rose Slater.
    5. She forces Supe to change his dog's name to Sparkle Pony instead of Masher, proving she is selfish and demanding towards Supe when she doesn't have everything her way
    6. She lacks any kind of personality, aside from being just a very obnoxious and whiny spoiled brat.
    7. At one point, when the dog comes to the kids, she trains her, which is confusing and even causes a plot hole as well. She is way too young to even know how to train a dog.
    8. When Supe tries to change her diaper, she poops on him, thinking that his head will explode, which is disgusting and even disturbing to look at.
    9. In one scene, she, along with Brynn and Will, steals Supe's ATV without asking him permission, which makes it land in the water.
    10. She even does a Fortnite default dance at the end of the film, which is just a pathetic attempt at the film trying way too hard to be hip and cool.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her appearance does seem cute.
    2. Although she is obnoxious, she does have some good moments.
    3. She did improve later in this movie during and after her birthday.


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