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    Zoe (Harvey Street Kids/Harvey Girls Forever!)

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    Zoe (Harvey Street Kids/Harvey Girls Forever!)
    Zoe: "Well, lil Audrey!"
    Audrey: "Don't call me lil!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Psycho Cheer Captain
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Cree Summer
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Harvey Street Kids

    Zoe is a supporting character from the 2018 Netflix original series Harvey Street Kids (renamed Harvey Girls Forever for its second season). She is Audrey's older sister and apparent rival, and the leader of Fighting Banana Cheer Squad. She is voiced by Cree Summer.

    Why She Deserved to Be Called a Stupid Bitch

    1. She's incredibly mean to Audrey, Dot, Lotta and all of Harvey kids.
    2. She's bossy, mean, annoying and selfish.
    3. Just like Shelly Marsh (seasons 1-7), she torments her sister Audrey for no reason.
    4. She's always fighting with Maria and Stu, which is broken friendship.
    5. She acted like a spoiled brat in season 2.
    6. In "Something Glotta Give", she's really pissed off at Dot and Audrey about her crush Mike Yank.
    7. She was very unlikable in some episodes of season 2 and never gets punished for her jerkish actions, meaning she's a Karma Houdini.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Cree Summer does an amazing job voicing her.
    2. She and Audrey are hug each other in the episode of "Bring It Prawn".
    3. She helped Audrey for get rid of butters in "A Better Tomorrow".
    4. in the backstory when she gives the monkey to Audrey for the claw machine.
    5. Her design is pretty cool.
    6. She redeeming herself in "Let It Zo".


    1. It is unknown why both Zoe and Audrey supposedly don't live together on Harvey Street.
    2. She spends years teaching Audrey to speak fake words to make her sound insane.
    3. In "Raiders of the Lost Park", her full name is revealed to be Zoelisha Bertha.
    4. She once stuffed Audrey into a box and tried to mail her to Abu Dhabi, a reference to Garfield.
    5. She has a crush on Mike Yank from 5th period English.


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