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    Zach Varmitech
    "I'll get you next time, Wild Ratts!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Arrogant, Stubborn, and Egotistical Scientist
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Zachary Bennett
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wild Kratts
    First appearance: Aardvark Town

    "Zachary "Zach" Varmitech is one of the main antagonists of the 2011 PBS Kids live-action/Flash animated educational children's television series Wild Kratts. He is a genius inventor and robotics engineer, the head CEO of the Varmitech Industries, a robotics company dedicated to turning wild animals into robotic solutions in his inventions for various purposes, mainly to make money off them or to make them do things that he's too lazy to do himself.

    He is voiced by Zachary Bennett.

    Physical Appearence

    Zach is a middle-aged man with a very thin build and very pale skin; he is barely taller than Chris. He has black, shiny hair and green eyes, sporting a small goatee. He also has a wrinkle on his face. His head is triangular in shape.

    Intentional ''Wild Ratts!'' Qualities

    1. For starters, he is extremely arrogant, stubborn, and self-centered; he is also extremely narcissistic, often referring to himself as "the world's greatest mind" and programming his computers to call him "My Greatness", in spite of the fact that his inventions often fail and is even shown to have his own perfume.
      • In his first appearance "Aardvark Town" where he's in Africa on an animal collecting trip and he's wanting to build a swimming pool to cool off. When he hears the Kratt brothers are looking for the best digger in Africa (which was the aardvark), Zach orders his Zachbots to search all the holes to find it. When they found her and several other animals living the holes she dug, he put mind-control armor on the aardvark and had the the other animals chained when he can just dig the pool himself.
      • In "Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man", Zach plans to capture the legendary yeti to put on display and charge money for admission. But when he thinks he's found one, he soon discovers that it’s really Martin in a Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Power Suit. When Martin tells Zach that he'll tell everyone who he is, Zach threatens to do bodily harm to Martin's monkey friend Blue Goggle. But soon Chris and Aviva show up and defeat Zach and save Martin and Blue Goggle.
      • In "Red Panda Rescue", Zach wants to get Donita a weasel stoll for her birthday. So he hacks into the Wild Kratts computer system to see what type of weasels there are. When he sees Chris with a baby red panda, he decides that he wants to steal it. So he and his Zachbots break into the Tortuga and steal her right out from under the crew and puts Aviva, Koki and Jimmy Z in a communication blocking net. But before he can get away, Chris and Martin arrive and Zach quickly has his Zachbots form a protective circle and hides the red panda cub (whom Martin named Lost and Found) inside one of them. A chase soon begins as Chris and Martin pursue after Zach and his Zachbots, in the end, Lost and Found is rescued and Zach is left with no present.
      • In "Honey Seekers", Gourmand invites Zach once again to his restaurant for a cooked honey badger served with honey sauce.
    2. Similar to Lord Betrayus from Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, he is supposed to be the main antagonist, yet he is portrayed more like a comic-relief supervillain than the other villains. Along with more overexaggerated slapstick moments; his screams are girly, he constantly trips and falls, and has to deal with the literal mindedness of his Zachbots. Making it hard to take him seriously as a villain.
    3. Speaking of his girly screams, his voice can be ear piercing sometimes.
    4. He is also somewhat sadistic as he has been shown going far as to kill the Kratt brothers, such as the infamous scene when he lured them into an Arctic storm and attempted to drown them.
    5. He fully believes his inventions are superior to Aviva's, yet he often employs sabotage and unfair play to prove it, only to get his comeuppance in the end and get humiliated proving he is not only a cheater, but he also doesn't believe in his Zachbots.
    6. He also seems to be very overly interested in the Wild Kratts' Miniaturizer, having made several thwarted attempts to steal it for himself when he gets the chance.
    7. He has an enormous ego, one that nearly rivals, if not outright surpasses, that of Donita Donata's.
    8. Despite this, he is also a coward. Due to his dislike of the Wild Kratts and their interferences, he usually refers to them as "Wild Ratts" with at least one of the Wild Kratts usually correcting them, especially the Kratt brothers. This has backfired on him at least once when giving orders to his computer, which corrected him before following its commands as seen in "Aquafrog" and "A Huge Orange Problem".
    9. On that topic, his ''Wild Ratts'' lines can get old pretty quickly and will get your nerves after a while.
    10. He can even be hypocritical as well, with one example being him calling out or berating the Wild Kratts for ''annoying him'' or "messing with his inventions", even though he also does these exact same things to the Wild Kratts as well. In addition, he sometimes calls out to the Wild Kratts like this, despite them doing nothing wrong to him.
    11. Zach has very little concern for wildlife, willing to carelessly dispose of toxic chemicals in an inhabited pond just to clean his plane and blindly cut down trees in the Borneo Forest just to get black wood for a side table. Both times he has shown selfishness and petty arrogance, usually leaving out of cowardice.
      • In "Falcon City" where he is at his absolute worst, he gets upset because he cannot clean up his entire Varmitech Headquarters building using his Zachbots all because there were falcons roosting on it, much to the point where goes as far as to intentionally kill them using his Zachbots.
      • In "Aquafrog", he dumped toxic black goo onto the river just to get rid of it when he was trying to clean his plane, totally oblivious that his chemical is harming the wildlife, especially the frogs and the fish.
      • In "A Huge Orange Problem'' he obligates his Zachbots to cut down every tree in Borneo all so he can get black wood just to make a single side table. Seriously, how moronic are you?!
    12. He is shown to be very dramatic at times, like in "Animals Who Live to be 100 Years Old" where he freaked out over a wrinkle, yes, over one teeny tiny wrinkle.
    13. He doesn't get fully punished like going to jail, that in itself clarifies that he is a karma houdini.
    14. He is considered to be a scrappy due to all of these reasons above, and his malicious acts that make Tom's Owner from the Gene Deitch era look like a saint in comparison.

    Good Qualities

    1. As the main antagonist, he is intended to be hated after all.
    2. He has professional robotics and engineering skills with highly advanced tools and weaponry, which can be pretty cool to see.
    3. His design is passable much like the other Wild Kratts characters.
    4. For the most part, Zachary Bennett does a pretty good job voicing him, despite being annoying.
    5. Although Aviva is slightly better than him, he is actually pretty skilled at fencing.
    6. His interactions with Donita and Gaston, while rare, are interesting to see.
    7. His vehicles like the V-shaped Jet, and a large cargo propeller plane are pretty awesome.
    8. His arrogance is not unfounded; however, as he actually is a pretty good inventor, and he is also very wealthy.
    9. Zach Varmitech can be pretty hilarious, despite BQ#2.
    10. Overall, he isn't a bad character, just flawed.
    11. He was rightfully betrayed by Paisley.


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