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    They're instead the next generation of zeroes.

    Youngblood are a superhero team that starred in their own self-titled comic book from Image Comics, and was created by writer/artist, Rob Liefeld. They are introduced as government soldiers who are celebrities.

    Why They're More of Zeroes than Heroes

    In General

    1. This team is a rip-off combination of Marvel Comics' the Avengers, the X-Men, and DC comics' Justice League, but some of its members are rip-offs from it, too.
    2. There are very rubbish and indeed don't have any buildup of how they become superheroes, leaving the readers confused.
    3. They are celebrities that go on talk shows, ski trips, and beaches, which is generic and clichéd.
    4. Misleading Name: The name “Youngblood” implies that they are a group of either vampiric, werewolf, or just being “blood thirsty” young soldiers, nope they are just a superhero government team.
    5. Despite being the "next generation of heroes", we barely know anything about them.
    6. They are a very forgettable superhero team since it was Image Comics' first comic. If it weren't for that superhero team, Image Comics could have had well-known ones like Spawn, Savage Dragon, Invincible, Supreme, and etc.
    7. They lie, assassinate, and murder people, making them unheroic.
    8. All of its members are rips offs of 2 Marvel characters, The Beast and Wolverine.
    9. Their costume designs are a poor man's attempt to imitate the X-Men costume designs.

    Jeff Terrell/Shaft

    1. Shaft is a rip of Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and his sidekick, Speedy with the red spandex.
    2. Originally, Liefeld said that he was supposed to Roy Harper, Speedy's secret identity, but ended up replacing with a new one not related to Roy, whatsoever.
    3. He barely has a little personality or character development.
    4. He is a very pushy leader with no chemistry between his team.
    5. His bowstring barely has a string at all and how would he use it with his arrows?!
    6. His skills are even dumber and ridiculous like Shaft stopping a thief with his hips pushed out at odd angles while he leaps from an implausible side angle and then attacks him by walking, running and throwing in the escalators, using a pen from his pocket to toss another thief, which makes him fall into the ledge, holding out his hand to search bodies like he has powers.
    7. Despite being a leader, he slighting feels like a side character while his teammates act like the actual main characters than him.


    1. He is a combination of Captain America and Cyborg.
    2. He is also a rip-off of Archie Comics' the Shield.
    3. He has the infamous "crotch attack" sequence, where he strikes Strongarm with his crotch by his hands and legs moving up.

    Thomas John McCall/Badrock

    1. He is a poor combination of The Thing and the Hulk.
    2. His "Yabba Dabba Doom" line gets old very fast, and rips off the "Yabba Dabba Doo" from The Flintstones, along with "Let's Rock".
    3. He was said when he was 16 years old, he swallowed a vial of top-secret genetic material in his father's lab, which is the source of his rock-like transformation.


    1. He is a rip off of the Psylocke of the X-Men.
    2. His actions are very unheroic when Psi-Fire uses psychic powers to kill Hassan Kussein, based on the former president and dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and keeps his death a secret.
    3. His showdown with Darkthorn, the "big bad" of the series, was anti-climatic when he tries to stare at Darkthorn and forced him to escape.
    4. His costume looks like a cheap webless Spider-Man costume without a mask.


    1. He is a rip off of Marvel's Puck.
    2. He takes a shower with his glasses.
    3. He is very rude to his teammates.


    1. He is a known womanizer with HIV aids (just because the US government created AIDs for population control), and is a cowardly soldier who kills and has no respect for his actions.
    2. He shoots himself in an unsatisfactorily executed way to become a hellspawn like Spawn, who was a human killed by Chapel.


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