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    YouTube (Animation vs. YouTube)

    YouTube (Animation vs. YouTube)
    "Hey- there- you- little- stick figures- it's time for- you- to- die- okay?"
    Gender: None
    Type: The Dark Web
    Age: None
    Species: Website
    Portrayed by: Several YouTube video clips
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Animator vs. Animation
    First appearance: Animation vs. YouTube

    YouTube is the main antagonist of the YouTube video Animation vs. YouTube, an episode of Alan Becker's Animator vs. Animation series. It speaks via clips from different YouTube videos.

    Why Its Clips Should Intentionally Be Clipped Out of the Playlist

    1. It's a huge jerk, and repeatedly assaulted and attacked Green and Orange. To be fair, it did this as revenge due to Green and Orange hitting it to get it to stop buffering their video, but they wouldn't even have done that if it wasn't buffering in the first place!
    2. It repeatedly switched between videos of projectiles being thrown and vehicles driving by so they would hit Green and Orange, and it did this way too many times.
    3. It weaponized basically every video in its playlist to attack Green and Orange, and eventually he began doing it not out of revenge, but to simply cause Green and Orange pain and suffering.
    4. It refused to surrender and used everything it could find to stop Green and Orange from doing anything, even things it didn't know what they were gonna do with.
    5. It kept them from reaching the full screen button for a huge chunk of the video, resulting in a lot of filler where it just assaults Green and Orange over and over and over again.
      • Just when Green and Orange were about to reach the button, it changed the video again, resulting in even more filler.
    6. When Orange was about to defeat it by becoming giant, it used the settings button as a projectile, launched it at the reset page button, and then reset the page, resulting in the like and dislike buttons reappearing, getting it its hands back, AND it turned annotations back on, meaning it now had four hands. This essentially started the fight all over again.
      • Once this happened, it used various gestures and celebration videos to brag about its victory to Green and Orange.
    7. Its design of simply being a screen with a face is pretty boring, even if the things it used as weapons were creative (see Redeeming Qualities).
    8. Just when it seemed like Green and Orange were about to succeed in whatever they were trying to do, it would manage to grab and stop them.
      • This happened not once, but TWICE.
    9. To it, nothing was off limits in the battle, and we mean NOTHING.
      • It tried to drown, run over, rip apart, imprison, smash, and just all around obliterate Green and Orange.
    10. It repeated the same clip of a fist punch over and over and over and over again, with the clip punching Green and Orange each time.
      • That was the point where it was clear that it was assaulting Green and Orange just for the sake of assaulting them.
    11. It has very little personality apart from just "absolute jerk".
    12. It had no right to do any of that stuff to Green and Orange since, due to it making the video they were watching buffer and enticing them to hit the screen, it was technically the one who started the whole fight.
    13. It threatened and intimidated Green and Orange several times.
    14. It sported an obnoxiously mischievous grin whenever it was assaulting or waiting to assault Green and Orange.
    15. After the whole fight was done, Red, Yellow, and Blue arrived and turned YouTube back on, scaring Green and Orange away. However, as Red, Yellow, and Blue sat down to watch a video, it buffered AGAIN, enticing Red to hit the screen with full force and presumably starting the whole brawl all over again.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. It using the like and dislike buttons as well as the annotations feature as hands was pretty creative.
      • Using videos to assault Green and Orange, while frustrating, was admittedly pretty creative too.
      • So was using various different video clips to talk.
    2. We never actually saw the brawl restart at the end, so we can't know for sure what it did during that fight.
    3. Its revenge on Green and Orange could be somewhat justified if the buffering that occurred was actually out of its control.
    4. To be fair, it was supposed to be hated.
    5. It does a decent job as an antagonist.
    6. It had a few hilarious moments.


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