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    Yogi Bear (Yo Yogi!)
    "I'm more popular than the average bear!" No, no you're not.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Young, Hip, Food-Craving, Whoremonger Bear
    The Idiotic Side Of Yogi
    Species: Brown Bear
    Portrayed by: Greg Burson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Yo Yogi!
    First appearance: The Huckleberry Hound Show

    Yogi Bear is the main protagonist of the Hanna-Barbera franchise of the same name and is one of the latter company's most popular characters alongside Fred Flintstone from The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo from the franchise with the same name. In Yo Yogi!, he was portrayed as a 14-year-old crime-fighting detective who works for the L.A.F. Squad at Jellystone Mall. He was voiced by the late Greg Burson in this show.

    Sadly, he was badly flanderized in Yo Yogi!.

    Why He Sucked, Yo!

    NOTE: This is only focusing on the Yo Yogi! version of Yogi since the original Yogi is likable.

    1. FIRST AND FOREMOST, he was portrayed as a lazy, selfish, egotistical, and destructive moron who had his mind on food and nothing else. He NEVER stopped talking about food in almost every single episode it just gets way too old very quickly.
      • He also seemed to care about food more than his friends or his job.
      • Granted, he always loved food in earlier and later incarnations of the franchise, but not to this extent.
    2. Most of his plans never work and keep failing, making him the punching bag of the show, and not an Idiot Houdini.
    3. He acted a lot dumber than he was in the original cartoons, which goes against the main rule of the Yogi Bear franchise that he's supposed to be smarter than the average Bear.
    4. In every episode he at some point spins his hat telling the viewer to wear 3D glasses for a certain scene (the 3D glasses came out of now out-of-print cereals that sponsored the show), which are pointless to include because they make his show look like a mere product placement cartoon, and this would consequently result in his show to become unfunny and outdated decades later after his show first premiered.
    5. He was also destructive, one notable example of this is in the episode "Barely Working".
    6. He was at his absolute worst in the episode "Jellystone Jam" where he makes a huge fool out of himself when he was trying to impress Cindy while she was hanging out with Magilla Ice.
    7. His jokes are unfunny and stupid to the point where they can give Bacon Bill's jokes a run for their money.
    8. He lied to his uncle that he was a world-famous detective.
    9. He threatened anyone for being a classicist that is not "hip and radical".
    10. While not as bad as either Lion-O's his redesign is so awful that even William Hanna, the co-creator of the Yogi Bear franchise and co-founder of Hanna-Barbera, was offended by Yogi's redesign, saying: "They screwed it up by redesigning him. They made him look like a whoremonger. If you have something that works, don't screw it up!".
    11. He and his show were responsible for not only contributing to the death of Saturday Morning Cartoons but also the near death of the Yogi Bear franchise before C. H. Greenblatt's Jellystone! in 2021.

    Redeeming Qualities, Yo!

    1. He was a much better character prior to Yo Yogi! and massively redeemed himself in the 1994 TV special Yogi the Easter Bear, as well as in the 2010 film and Jellystone! (although in the case of the latter, he still retains the idiotic traits he had from Yo Yogi!).
    2. There were times when he cared about his friends.
    3. Greg Burson did a decent job voicing him.
    4. His redesign, while awful, is somewhat faithful to his original design.



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