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“If this is justice then I’m a banana!”

Yo Mikawa (codenamed Angel) is the protagonist of the infamous 1989 anime OVA series Angel Cop. She is infamous for her poor job as a police officer and is considered to be one of the worst anime heroines ever.

Why She's No Angel Cop

  1. She never cares about anyone’s life which is not how a police officer should act.
  2. She is very hypocritical such as not allowing Asura to kill the terrorists despite that she does the same thing too.
  3. She whines and complains a lot in the series and almost every time.
  4. She can be pretty stubborn in battle such as not wanting to kill Isamu even though it was required to kill the main antagonist Lucifer.
  5. She usually doesn’t dress up as a police officer and her design looks like a criminal rather than what she is.
  6. Her English voice is poor as she keeps constantly swearing which can get on many people’s nerves.
  7. She also doesn’t care of who she kills. Making her a murderer.
  8. Her manga counterpart (yes the series has a manga adaptation) isn’t even better and uses a tragic backstory as an excuse to sympathize with her.
  9. Her logic is very stupid such as if a terrorist holds someone hostage and if she accidentally kills the hostage it's the terrorist's fault when actually it's her fault for having poor aim.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her cheesy dub lines can be very hilarious.
  2. Her Japanese voice is better.
  3. At least she’s sometimes justified to kill.
  4. She does want to protect Japan and its people which means she's not all the time selfish.
  5. She has a very sexy design.


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