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    Xena and Xavier (Odd Squad)

    Xena & Xavier
    "You're the ones who've messed up everything since you got here."
    - Olympia; "Who Is Agent Otis?"
    Gender: Male (Xavier)

    Female (Xena)

    Type: Bizarrely Abusive Tyrants
    Age: Unknown (probably in their 10s)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Leonidas Castrounis (Xavier)

    Sheena Darnley (Xena)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Odd Squad
    First appearance: Xs and Os
    Last appearance: Odds and Ends

    "We work for the Big O; we can take anything we want."

    Xena, "Who is Agent Otis?"

    Xena and Xavier are recurring characters in the 2014-2022 PBS Kids children's live-action educational television show Odd Squad in it's second season. They are part of the supervising group called the Xs. They were sent by the Big O to precinct 13579, where Oprah was Ms. O at the time, for the sole purpose of solving the constant villain breakouts that have happened during the course of said season.

    They were played by Sheena Darnley and Leonidas Castrounis respectively.


    Both of them wear a black tuxedo with pockets on both sides, with golden x-shaped buttons, gold buttons on both of their collar edges, golden tie tucked inside and badge on their left with an agent number imprinted on the bottom of the latter item, near the golden jackalope. They also wear slim, black pants, as well as white sneakers with golden laces. Their color of hair is black.

    Xavier has a somewhat curly hairstyle that's well-combed and is pretty tall out of the two.

    Xena on the other hand, needs and uses a wheelchair to get around, while also ironically wearing a golden x clip on the hair of the left side of head, which has a French Braid style.


    Their main role in Odd Squad is to ensure that all the agents in all of the departments follows the standards of the Odd Squad system. The department they come from; the Xs, are second in command to the the Big O, giving orders in all their power, usually without the central's consent. They are always firm in their job, and even go through drastic measures to get their way.

    Why They Deserve to Get Kicked Out of Odd Squad

    1. To start things off, they use their authority to get whatever they want, even if it's against the rules of Odd Squad and realistically in society.
      • In fact, they come off as more as child abusers if anything else, which is ironic as they are children themselves, similar to most of the agents in the workforce.
    2. They never leave poor Olympia alone, as they always cause some sort of conflict to her in all of their appearances. At times, they would also do the same to Otis and Oprah to some extent in a few occasions as well.
    3. The fact that they both have worked in the same location where the main cast of season 2 work, feels very far from the truth. As they have never made any small cameos in previous episodes in that season, not even season 1 by extension. Instead, it is used as a plot hole.
    4. They are so impatient, as they want others to get things done for them as quick as possible, which unsurprisingly causes problems for the other agents.
      • Once they reveal to the main O trio that their squad went over-budget, Xena immediately tries to shut down headquarters by stating the infamous quote; "So we're shutting down headquarters!", which unsurprisingly causes Oprah and Olympia to mumble in panic.
      • They gave the O trio a chance to pay their debt, by giving them less than a day. And if that wasn't bad enough, they even went as far as to intimidate and coerce Olympia by almost taking her stuff to pay the debt, including her own glasses.
      • This causes the agents to give up many essential needs like Oprah's juicebox delivery, Ocean's rent for his hammock, most of the electricity that Oona and her fellow scientists use for their lab, Olo for her use of glue, and many other departments sacrificing their own needs to maintain balance in the budget. As a result, this causes chaos for the 13579's headquarters, as creatures get loose due to Ocean's aching back, gadgets don't get fixed because of Oona's pedaling for electricity, Oprah getting weak mentally and physically due to no juice and the headquarters almost destroying itself, due to a lack of glue by Olo and the glue department.
      • They threaten Olo by firing her if she doesn't show them her department license while she was fixing a desk, causing the desk to unsurprisingly break into pieces.
      • In "There's No "O" In O-Bot", they are used to introduce a machine named Omega, who is supposed to speed things up for the agents in their cases. They think that he is more talented than the agents themselves, only to be proven wrong once he self-destructs himself without their presence. Despite how decent Omega was in his only appearance, and while it was the Big O's idea to use him in the first place, they show zero concern for the agents' interaction with him, so they can prove just how "weak" they are compared to machines. Not to mention that they don't even talk about Omega or any machines again after that, making their appearance very pointless in that episode.
    5. When Olympia asks them why they need her pens despite them having gold pens, Xena makes the dumb excuse that it makes their pens feel better despite them not being inanimate to care.
    6. They both commit tax fraud in "Xs and Os", as they have used the money from the squad's budget for their own personal benefit to buy expensive things during their "time" there, causing the whole problem of debt in the first place.
    7. They try to fire Agent Orson in "Saving Agent Orson", as they were kicking him out all because he's a baby and nothing else. This is petty and ridiculous, not to mention lazy; as they have never checked his records as an agent before doing the act. They even ignore to any reason from the agents about him, until near the end of the episode.
    8. Speaking of banning others, they try to banish Otis from the squad once they find out that he is a villain. No matter how much Oprah and Olympia stands up to him and even when he tells his story during the Big O's "fair trial" to him, they still took advantage of it and went on with their plan to eliminate him regardless (which sadly succeeded).
    9. They don't show any gratitude or consideration to Olympia's kind nature and her efforts, as they still her harshly nonetheless.
      • They don't thank her when she gave them a welcoming gift in "Xs and Os".
      • In "Who Is Agent Otis?", they eavesdrop on her conversation and take her case of hunting for the villain notebook, away without her consent so they can solve their case easily.
      • They never consider giving the proper thanks to her for helping them when she reprimands them, as they either ignore or downright punish her for it, showing that they can't handle criticism.
        • Despite her strategy in fixing the budget in "Xs and Os", they still act ungrateful to her by showing their upset faces when she leaves them be.
        • They even try to mess up her research and hard work of getting information about the villains, so they could get all the credit for the work.
        • When she finally tells them off for their actions, do they learn from it and improve their characters? Nope! Instead, they take it as an insult and drag her away to be punished by tasking her with fixing desks.
        • And if that wasn't bad enough, they use her as a victim for being responsible for Oprah and the former's own partner; Otis in their banishment from their squad, during their trial in "Who Is Agent Otis" as their only piece of "strong" evidence. There, they used a lie detector to frame her (which is considered perjury due to it being unreliable) almost damaging her reputation in the process. They also went unpunished for this.
      • They think that Olympia (and the agents of her squad by extension) is a failure and is unqualified to be an agent, when it was clearly proven otherwise in previous and later episodes, especially when they actually see her trying.
    10. They show no concern when the Big O gives Ohlm the job of being the new boss of precinct 13579 as the Mr. O, as they go along with his decision when the latter just gave him a new toy as "effort" to get it.
    11. They don't seem to care about the agents entirely, as they take enjoyment in making fun of them and doing whatever they want to them, even if it means that they get some sort of "reward" while doing so.
    12. They were treated as punching bags in "License to Science", as they get to suffer from Olympia's antics as filler to stop them from reaching Oona in terms of her license. Given how they caused trouble previously and later on in the series, you can't feel bad for them.
    13. Their humor is stale and doesn't make any sense in the slightest.
      • In fact, they always laugh when something bad happens to someone, mainly when it's undeserving.
    14. Surprisingly, unlike most of the Odd Squad characters, both Leonidas Castrounis and Sheena Darnley acted terribly as the duo.
      • Every time Sheena yells in the series as Xena, it's so loud and aggravating when her volume is at that level.
      • Their laughter sounds obnoxious and is pretty sarcastic, to the point where it's uncomfortable. The faces they make when doing it, look creepy.
      • Even when they speak normally, they sound so boring, that you can't be taken seriously unless they talk in a firm tone or when Xena yells.
    15. They do not improve in their character video, as they never show and/or tell about why they act the way they here. Instead they tell lies about themselves and made a plan to possibly take over Odd Squad, which would be considered as a conspiracy to usurpation.
    16. Hypocrisy...
      • They think that they are better than others, when they are much worse than them.
      • They act suspicious of Otis and call him a villain, while they act like villains themselves, using their questionable tactics to get what they want.
      • For them; Olympia is troublesome, yet they are the ones who are causing the problems, not her.
    17. They come off as a Gary Stu and Mary Sue, although they both have a few consequences here and there; they don't learn their lesson and continue their habits with barely any change whatsoever, as well as a team of a mean boy and girl due to her tactics and mean-spirited nature. On top of all of that, they are Unwilling Weed Reapers, as they barely improve from their mistakes, are absolutely remorseless for all the wrong they have done and never got a more proper punishment for their behavior.
      • Because of how abusive they have been to the agents (especially in "Who Is Agent Otis?"), they should've been fired from their job because of their tactics, and permanently banned from working with the squad again, as they have done it for a long time. Yet, they are still able to work there regardless, only to enhance the mystery of the second season.
    18. They act pretty similar to Cranky the Crane, as all three of them work hard at their job and always want to be taken seriously by others. However, unlike the latter; they can't be taken seriously due to their sarcasm and lazy efforts, not to mention their mean questionable tactics. They cannot be sympathetic due to a lack of a backstory, having other information about their lives as the Xs, and/or any remorse for their actions towards the other agents. And they barely have any sort of character development, due to their lackluster of appearances throughout their time in the series.
    19. Due of these traits, they come off as actual villains and are arguably the worst characters of the franchise.

    Better Authoritarian Qualities

    1. Much like the rest of the characters, their appearance does match up to the show's standards.
      • Their clothing is pretty dapper and does represent the agent group they actually belong to.
    2. At least they both explained what a budget is for those who don't know, which gave them some purpose in their debuting episode. This isn't saying much, unfortunately.
    3. Other than being intimidating to Olo and being their serious selves, they were mostly tolerable in "License to Science".
      • They don't use any their abusive tactics for most of the episode and did at least learn to take their time in doing things, which is consistent to their previous appearance in "Xs and Os". Again, still not saying much, as it breaks later on.
    4. They have gotten repercussions and consequences for their actions, however these moments are not enough for them to be out of the Unwilling Weed Reaper group entirely.
      • They were caught by Otis for wasting the budget in "Odds and Ends", which causes Xavier to give away a golden cap from their gold pens, fulfilling the budget.
      • Despite them being treated like victims for teasing in "License to Science", it's still deserving regardless, as they get a taste of their own medicine for causing trouble in the previous episode.
      • Thanks to Oprah, Orson was able to stay at the squad when she tells them about his ability in saving their headquarters from a destructive Hydraclops. In addition to this, the central showed his flying ability to the duo, convincing him that he is useful agent.
    5. Their reaction to Olympia almost becoming a creature inadvertently is hilarious.
    6. They both were thankfully never seen again with a role in the franchise, so it's assumed that they were fired or received punishment, though it just depends on your view.
    7. The creators eventually learned their lesson, and improve the Xs later on in seasons 3 to 4.
    8. The concept of having a serious duo that acts like a foil to Olympia, Otis and Oprah as well as rivals to them, isn't a bad one. As it can make for entertaining interactions and even character development, when they eventually learn to become kinder and have a sense of balance in their serious nature. Sadly, it's very wasted here.
    9. "Xena: "We're the Xs. We work alongside the Os."" - Xs and Os


    • They were the only agents to have no O in the front of their names, until season 3.
    • Xena is the first recurring character and agent overall, to use a wheelchair, though she is not the first one. As the first one appeared in "O vs. the Ballcano in season one, but as a background agent in the episode.
    • They are few of the characters that have appeared in only one season.
    • They have appeared six times in the second season only (not including reused footage).
    • They were seen in reused footage once in an episode, that being "Welcome to Odd Squad" in season 3.



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