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    Xande (Final Fantasy III)

    Once you are gone, no one will remember you existed as a villain!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Generic Forgettable Villain
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Final Fantasy III

    Xande is the main antagonist of the Square Enix game Final Fantasy III. He is a powerful wizard who aspires to live an eternal life.

    Why He Sucks

    1. Xande is perhaps one of the most forgettable and obscure villains in the Final Fantasy series, as his motives are incredibly generic, he has very little to no personality, and he is hardly present within the game's story until the climax.
    2. And when he is finally encountered by the heroes, he comes off as very annoying! (see WHS #9)
    3. His motive is incredibly silly and forgettable. He can pretty much be described in nine words: He is a wizard that wants to live forever.
    4. He backstabs his fellow magician friends (Doga and Unei) just so he can pursue an eternal life.
    5. Given that he is the villain of the third Final Fantasy game, Xande falls very short compared to the villains of the previous two games. We went from Chaos in the first game (the "God of Discord"), to Emperor Maltheus in the second game (who conquered both Heaven and Hell), to an obsessed sorcerer that wants to live forever?!
    6. Xande is very anti-climactic as a villain. He has very little to no buildup as the story's main antagonist and is only mentioned once or twice before the climax.
    7. In comparison to other Final Fantasy villains before and after him, Xande really doesn't get a lot done. The most threatening thing he really did was freeze time by absorbing the power of the light crystals.
      • Given that this revelation is what causes the unbalance between light and darkness, his actions really just come down as a blatant plot device excuse for the heroes to go on their adventure.
    8. Xande supposedly went crazy after a powerful sage granted him the gift of mortality. Why out of all people in the world was Xande the one to be given the gift of mortality? That answer is never explained in the game.
    9. No unoriginal and loathsome villain is complete without this: he boasts and monologues CONSTANTLY.
    10. Even though he's supposed to be the big bad of the game, he isn't the final boss! The Cloud of Darkness shows up, kills him, and then you fight the Cloud of Darkness as the final boss. Why does he exist again if he's just going to be thrown away at the last second of the game?
    11. And the cherry on top is, he does not reappear in Dissidia: Final Fantasy (in which the villains of the previous Final Fantasy games reappeared in). The Cloud of Darkness replaces him. It's almost as if Square Enix wanted to forget this "villain" even existed in the first place.

    The Only Redeeming Quality

    1. His boss fight wasn't too bad.


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