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    Wrenchy (Objects at Gaming)

    "Hey, put me down! This isn't the end! FOR THE LOVE OF WALDWICK!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: An absolute wrench monster
    Species: Wrech
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Objects At Gaming
    First appearance: "Day One of Fum"
    Last appearance: "Bittersweet Tragedy"

    Wrenchy is a dangerous monster. He is extremely harsh and aggressive to anybody in his path, and desires darkness and destruction. He was considered the worst to all of his teammates, and throughout the game, used Football's struggles against him. Wrenchy will do anything to win and get away with his schemes, even if it requires breaking rules, cheating, and even almost killing another contestant. He is voiced by "TheCatOfObjectShows".

    He had plans to take over the world if he won the prize money, which he did not, and is now serving life imprisonment.

    Why He Deserves to Be Eliminated From Objects at Gaming

    1. First and fore-mostly, his voice acting is obnoxious to listen to.
    2. He is incredibly ruthless, psychopathic, and heartless to everyone around him, mostly Football and Orange (almost).
    3. In "Day One of Fun", he refused to save Illuminati from dying. This wasn't the last time they would interact, since he trash-talked him during the Four Corners challenge.
    4. He hated his team name and tried to demand a new one like a brat.
    5. He made Spaghetti's life harder by putting moustache in his team.
    6. He stared becoming mad at Broccoli for saying his feet smelled. He complained more during the challenge and was enraged when his team wanted Socky as the new team leader.
    7. In the episode "In the Heat of Battle", he trash-talked Blueprint's new look and even did the same to Cardy by calling him a blackjack, which makes him a mean popular boy.
    8. When he's safe, he broke his shovel prize, making him reckless.
    9. On the bus, Wrenchy overheard Football and Spaghetti's conversation and had plans to mess him up.
    10. He called his team dumb dumbs during his plan and was again criticised by Cardy for his actions. Later on, he managed to sneak into Team Birthday Party's area to get their team to lose. He started targeting Football once he made him the sandcastle for his team by touching the knife, causing Football to kick it down. He then later claimed he cheated during presentation. He yelled at Watery for not understanding that the sun has light too and called him a simpleton of all things. His team ended up losing, and now he's able to be voted for because he no longer has immunity.
    11. In "Depths of the Diamond", he barely survived the elimination, being in the bottom two with Grapey. He later became at his second worst, because he started torturing Football like he did in the last challenge. He ran away after being caught by Cookie. And then went on to try and stop Toilet Paper, Pink Sunglasses, and Shelfy from winning, and hurt PS when he's about to get the diamond, but couldn't catch TP in time. He unexpectedly blamed Cardy for the loss, and called someone on his walkie talkie, who has yet to identify themself.
    12. In "Ring the Bells of the Seven Seas", he made very bad ideas to keep himself in the game longer by rigging the votes to eliminate Medaly. During the challenge, he swims over to Team Birthday Party's island in an attempt to ruin Football's life even more. However, he didn't get very far.
    13. In "Rubik's Algorithm Antics", he framed Cardy via a sand message to eliminate Socky. This was his attempt to stay in the game, knowing he'd be targeted. His plans kinda worked: He survived the elimination, but Cardy didn't get the boot, Watery did. He later disguised himself as a bush during the challenge, entered Team Birthday Party's building, and knocked a tile off of Football's Rubik's cube, knowing that no one would pay attention to it and the team would lose. While the team won, and Orangey mentioned that he never saw him during the challenge, he would bring up that he was there, but nobody saw him, further taunting Football for being the "cause of his team's loss".
    14. In "Here for Our Host", he was only shown for the first few scenes of the episode, as he grabbed a piece of paper and spread written lies to Red about the contestants leaving the game. which makes Red's heart broken. Unfortunately, he didn't get far because he got taken to the Box of Shame and took an L.
    15. "Bittersweet Tragedy" shows him at his absolute worst, because he destroyed two microphones that could be used for the challenge explanation. And in a friendly game of NFL football, he played on the defence, and "promised" things would be fine. That was until he stormed after Football and eventually got the strength to pluck the knife from his head and deflate (or even worse, killed) him. Does that sound awfully familiar or something? He had officially gone too far, and a contestant ended up in the hospital. leading into an ejection from the field, and an official elimination from the entire game and getting his metallic a** kicked by Pinata who was pissed. And he kept lying that he was playing fairly, and was caught kidnapping heartlessly, and unfairly eliminating Medaly after biting her. which makes Pinata took him to the Box of Shame and arrested by authorities.
    16. Although he did get punished or caught for his actions of selfishness and attempted murder. He did get away in "Rubik's Algorithm Antics" which makes him a Karma Houdini.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Unlike Lighter from Object Overload, his creator and voice actor had a great time performing him, despite sounding obnoxious.
    2. His design looks fine at best.
    3. He had faced karma at times,
    4. In "Ring the Bells of the Seven Seas" when was about to get his plan to ruin Football's life even further backfired at the last second, because a pink Bias eel swims upward, bites him by the leg, and then launches him into the air. As he falls, the eel smacks him back to his island. and his team ends up losing once again.
    5. In "Here for Our Host", after ruining Red's life, Sharpie Pen took him to the "Box of Shame" for his actions.
    6. In "Bittersweet Tragedy" (the episode where he suffers the most karma), he gets whacked in the head by a piñata with a spiky bat, Red angrily confronted him, condemning his actions and earning him a "personal foul" penalty, and while he was sleeping, he was arrested.


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