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    Wren DeSantis
    The worst character Victoria Justice played. In fact, she is so bad, that she would make Tori Vega look like a much better character.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Unfunny, Mean-spirited and Annoying Teenager
    Mean Big Sister to Albert
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Victoria Justice
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fun Size

    Wren DeSantis is the main protagonist of the critically panned 2012 Nickelodeon film Fun Size. She is the daughter of Joy DeSantis, the girlfriend of Roosevelt, and the older sister of Albert DeSantis. During the events of the movie, her brother goes missing, so she forms a group consisting of herself, April Martin (her "best friend"), and two other classmates in order to find him. She was portrayed by Victoria Justice.

    Why She Can't Handle Halloween

    1. To start you off, the way she's written is all over the place. She's supposed to care for her brother Albert, yet most of the time when she's on-screen with him, she acts mean-spirited and immature towards him.
    2. Victoria Justice does a very poor job portraying her, as she sounds dull, annoying, and effortless. Not helping is that she did a far better job portraying other characters such as Tori Vega, Lola Martinez, Jordan Sands, the Eris Fairy, and Shelby Marx, and those characters' voices sounded far better for the most part, which is wasted talent.
      • Keep in mind that while Tori Vega, another bad Nickelodeon character whom Justice portrayed, was self-absorbed as well as being a Mary Sue, she isn't that bad of a character, and she does have a fair share of likable moments. Wren, on the other hand, is none of these, as she acts even more selfish than her and only has a few likable moments.
    3. Most of her dialogue is poor and downright laughable, and one of her lines, "Where are my boobs?" is pretty inappropriate for a teen movie.
    4. None of her jokes in the movie are funny and entertaining whatsoever. Instead, they come off as boring, stale, unfunny and tasteless, which is something these three characters would do.
    5. Speaking of her characterization, it is very inconsistent throughout the movie. One time, she seems to act respectful, while other times, she seems to act mean-spirited.
    6. Despite her being the main hero of the movie, many of her actions in the film are very questionable. For example:
      • In most of the scenes where she interacts with her brother Albert, she annoys and acts rude to him in parts of the scenes.
      • In one scene from the movie, she pulls off a mask revealing a black boy dressed as Spider-Man, who calls her a "bitch". This is not only very offensive, but it could give the implication that she is racist towards black people. We wish we were joking.
        • To add insult to injury, she never got punished for this, giving her an invite to the Karma Houdini trope.
    7. Because of her actions throughout the film, she basically qualifies as a mean popular girl (even though her appearance isn't attractive looking).

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Deep down, she does care about Albert.
    2. She did redeem herself near the end of the movie, as she finally learned her lesson about being responsible and looking out for someone. This also means that she got some character development, as she became significantly less selfish and annoying than she was before.
    3. Her problem of dealing with a little brother who wanders out alone or gets lost in the street is quite tough, so we can spare her for that detail.
    4. She has a few heartwarming moments, such as the scene where she takes her little brother Albert to see her deceased father, Peter DeSantis.


    • Wren DeSantis is the last Nickelodeon character to be portrayed by Victoria Justice, as she departed from Nickelodeon in 2013, three months after the release of Fun Size.
    • Her surname is the same as that of Ron DeSantis, who serves as the 46th governor of Florida since 2019.


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