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    Wreck-It Ralph (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

    Wreck-It Ralph
    - The real Wreck-It-Ralph's reaction when the writers flanderized him in the sequel.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Flanderized Protagonist
    Age: Unknown, but is an adult
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: John C. Reilly
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ralph Breaks the Internet
    First appearance: Wreck It Ralph

    Wreck-It Ralph, or simply Ralph, is the main protagonist of Disney's 2012 animated film of the same name.

    Sadly, he was flanderized in the 2018 sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet.

    Why He Cannot Wreck It In This Film

    1. He was horribly flanderized, as he lost just about all of his personality from the first film and was turned into a complete idiot with almost no intelligence whatsoever, which is completely untrue to his character and absolutely nothing like how he was in the first film. Sure, there were occasions in the first movie where he was acted dense, but he was not a total idiot. In those cases, he was just oblivious or ignorant. Here, however, if there were an IQ level between 1 and 300, then he just went down to negative pi.
    2. His friendship with Vanellope is completely inaccurate to how it was in the first film, as he has just become completely obsessive over Vanellope, which does not make any sense, as not only was he not obsessed with her in the original film, but he should have far more friends than just Vanellope (like Q*Bert, Sonic the Hedgehog, Zangief, and of course Fix-It Felix, Jr. and the Nicelanders, who has just reconciled with Ralph by the end of the first film), but the film basically makes it look like Vanellope is his only friend, and if he loses her, then he loses everything, which isn’t like Ralph at all. Everyone in this universe thinks Ralph is a cool guy at this point, so why would he think that Vanellope is his one and only friend. Ralph's obsessiveness over Vanellope causes him to make the most stupid and insane decisions (see the following reasons).
    3. Some might say Ralph’s obsession with Vanellope just makes him look like a pedophile because Ralph is designed as a giant grown man while Vanellope is designed as a young girl. This is just as bad as how Beetlejuice treated Lydia Deetz in his original film.
    4. When Vanellope complains about her game being too predictable, Ralph decides to go into Sugar Rush during live arcade hours, when he should be in his own game, Fix-It Felix, Jr. A huge point in the first film was that the characters are not allowed to leave their games when the arcade is open, because if they do, the gamers will think it's broken, like how Turbo ruined the Roadblasters game. Not only does Ralph break that rule, he also goes into Vanellope's game while someone is playing the game, and on top of all of that, the only reason he does it is to create a custom race track for Vanellope, so the latter could have something new to do. Although Ralph had good intentions, he could have just waited to make the track until after the arcade had closed. How stupid can Ralph get?!
    5. Ralph has become so idiotic in this film, that he can't even make logical decisions anymore and can't even understand basic English anymore. For starters, when Mr. Litwak put in the Wi-Fi router in the arcade outlet, he mispronounces it as “Whiffy” and "Why-Fee", which leads to Sonic having to correct him. On the contrary, it’s somewhat understandable because Ralph was made in a game from the 1980’s, and the internet was not yet invented until the 1990’s, where Sonic was first created. At another point, when one of the kids clearly says "e-Bay", he somehow hears it as "eboy", which becomes the main example of him not being able to understand basic English throughout the film. He also mispronounces "Google" as "goggles" at one point.
    6. After Sugar Rush got unplugged and Vanellope is understandably saddened by this, even though it was mostly her fault, you may think that Ralph would immediately comfort Vanellope and tell her that everything will be alright, but you'd be wrong. Ralph is apparently too full of himself and doesn't truly care about Vanellope's feelings. He instead goes on and on about how much fun the two of them are still going to have and that none of this really matters because it will all be fixed in the end. The gall of the writers to not only make Ralph a total idiot, but to also make him selfish and insensitive. It's like the writers of this film secretly hated Ralph as a character and wanted to make him look as bad as possible.
    7. He is also become a coward randomly. For example, when the chibi Litwak appears right in front of him, he just jumps back like a coward.
    8. He is also a liar and borderline tries to become a criminal when he gets to the checkout and tries to get away with taking the steering wheel for Sugar Rush without paying for it, which very nearly makes him a thief, and he wasn't concerned one bit about it.
    9. When Ralph and Vanellope are told that they have 24 hours to pay for the steering wheel and it looks like they have blown their chance to get it, Ralph gets so outraged, he results in throwing a big, fat tantrum. To pour salt on the wound, he threw a billboard out of rage and it crashed into another person online, thus accidentally making the latter lose internet connection. True Ralph threw a fit in the first movie, but that was only because Vanellope acted rudely to him, and all he did was break a jawbreaker in half.
    10. After Ralph and Vanellope's first trip to Slaughter Race, Ralph immediately vilifies and rejects Shank despite the fact that she has basically only treated him nicely so far. Sure, she is technically responsible for incinerating the two players when they tried to take her car, but that is only because they tried to take her car. The fact that Ralph is still alive shows that Shank had mercy on him, so how come he is now just ignoring every single positive trait about her? To add insult to injury, Ralph's judgmental reaction is so absurd due to the fact that it goes against the very themes and messages of the first film, which was not judging people based on what they look like, their position in life, or any sort of disability that they might have, so Ralph being judgmental is one of the most out-of-character things in the entire film.
    11. Once Ralph finally finishes making most of his videos and Vanellope desires to go out and spread the news, we get one of the most painful scenes in the entire film. Even though a lot of scenes in the film were painful, this one is really painful as they straight up imply in this scene that Ralph is actually a kid on the same level as Vanellope. Ralph is technically over 30 years old from a video game of the same age, so that scene makes absolutely no sense. It's like the writers randomly decided that Ralph was a kid before they even started writing the film and thus reduced his intelligence to practically nothing because of that. It just doesn't make sense unlike SpongeBob being called a kid in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which is passable because for a young adult, SpongeBob is still a kid at heart.
    12. When it looks like Ralph's videos do not have enough hearts for him to get the money he needs, he goes and forces people to watch his videos, even though they clearly do not want to, which is basically spamming. Even worse is that the film actually presents this to be a positive thing. It's also hysterical, as we actually get clips of people being annoyed that they are forced to watch his videos, yet it's still seen as a good thing. It's like the film can't even make up its mind to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Pick a lane, writers!
    13. When Ralph sees the hate comments that his videos have received, he gets so emotionally hurt by them despite the fact that he suffered so much worse in the first film, and that never broke him. You would think that going through everything that he had to go through in the first film would make him stronger and harder to these types of comments about him, but not in this case. Now, he is even more weak and pathetic. If someone even says the slightest mean thing to him, he breaks down into tears. He does not even know the people that are saying these things. With the people in the first film, he knew them personally. That means it should have hurt harder when they said those things, yet somehow, these random idiots on the internet saying really weak insults gets to him, and what the people said in the first film does not? On second thought, in order to keep the film PG rated, the writers can't show any comments with profanity, even though we see a lot of those on the internet in real life.
    14. When Ralph finds out that Vanellope wants to stay in Slaughter Race, you may think he could simply inform Felix, Calhoun, and all of Vanellope's Sugar Rush friends about her risky decision and warn her of her reckless decision right then and there. But instead, he brings a virus from the Dark Net into the game, and gaslights Vanellope into thinking she caused Slaughter Race to crash by introducing a virus into the game believing she's no different than Turbo. While this is technically true that Vanellope was going Turbo by abandoning the Sugar Rush game she came from to take over Slaughter Race, which sounds risky and selfish to her peers, that's still no excuse for Ralph to bring out a deadly virus. Ralph only regrets this when the virus almost got Vanellope killed, but then he chews her out for “game jumping”. While he wasn't wrong about that statement, it still makes his apology not only come across as insincere and hypocritical but also not acknowledging that his decision of releasing the virus caused the other Slaughter Race characters to almost be killed as well due to his recklessness.
    15. This film has so little faith in Ralph's intelligence that in the scene where him and Spamely go to the Dark Net, they make him hesitate when he's asked if he's stupid.
    16. Ralph's actions lead to the internet being massively damaged by triggering the “Wreck-It Ralph virus”, but the film does not even acknowledge this at all. Entire websites have basically been completely wiped out, and yet as soon as the Ralph viruses disappear, the film completely forgets that any destruction whatsoever happened at all. Additionally, the fact that the film ignores all of the destruction caused by the Ralph viruses makes the entire final battle feel completely pointless and inconsequential. It's just as bad as the climax in The Emoji Movie.
    17. Ralph does not get any punishment for his idiotic decisions and is immediately forgiven, thus making him a karma houdini.
    18. His dumb and destructive choices make it downright impossible to sympathize with him at all, and instead they make the audience lose their faith in him.
    19. Because of how his actions caused so much damage and nearly destroyed the World Wide Web, you might consider Ralph to have become more of a bad guy than the bad guy he was programmed to be.
    20. The mid-credits scene where he overfeeds pancakes to a rabbit wasn't funny nor entertaining, as it’s justified that he accidentally made it explode without not knowing, but also implied that the rabbit was presumably killed in the process, which makes him way more unlikeable than he already was in the movie, which makes him more of a animal abuser.

    "I'M GONNA WRECK IT!!!" Qualities

    1. Of course he was a much better character in the first film, and he redeems himself near the end of this film, despite WHNGWIA#13. (Does this sound familiar?).
      • He was shown to be back in his old personality in Once Upon a Studio.
      • His cameo in Wish in the end credits is also great.
    2. John C. Reilly still does a great job voicing him, but given how heavily the character was flanderized here, Reilly's talents feel incredibly wasted.
    3. He still cares for Vanellope, Felix, the Nicelanders, and all of his other friends.
    4. Ralph convincing Vanellope to not move to Slaughter Race, while reckless and selfish, was understandable since technically, Vanellope was also being just as selfish as he was. For starters, because Vanellope was programmed to be the princess-turned-president of the Sugar Kingdom in her game, the other racers would be nothing without her. Some arcade players who main Vanellope would be very upset that she was no longer in the game. Not to mention that if a cute character like Vanellope was added into an edgier racing game like Slaughter Race, then players of that game would be completely confused. Plus, the original creators of Sugar Rush Speedway would most likely sue the developers of Slaughter Race accusing them for adding a character they made without permission, which in reality wasn't the latter's fault.
    5. The Rick-roll post-credits scene of him, Vanellope, and Fix-It Felix Jr. is a stunning shot-for-shot remake of the original.



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