Wonder Woman (2011)

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You wonder that this is the Wonder Woman you know and loved, it isn't the same woman! Not even the Injustice or Flashpoint versions are this brutal! More like Wonker Woman or Blunder Woman

Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Themyscira and Diana Prince, is a character from the rejected 2011 pilot based on her comic book self of the same name.

Sadly, she has been horribly reimagined in the 2011 pilot to the point of being completely unrecognizable from her original comic book counterpart.

Why She Sucks

Note: This will only focus on her 2011 Pilot counterpart, since the original Wonder Woman is likable, memorable, and tolerable character in all other entries outside the infamous 2011 pilot, and has massively redeemed herself in the DC Extended Universe, especially her self-titled 2017 film. Her next live-action incarnation from the DC Extended Universe thankfully avoided all these problems her 2011 pilot counterpart had as listed above.

  1. She doesn't stay faithful to her comic book counterpart. In the comic and other screen adaptations of the character, she was tough, kind, helpful, and a hero. In this pilot alone, she is cold-hearted, selfish, an antihero and a bully.
  2. She tortures and bullies people in public, whilst the real Wonder Woman wouldn't do such a thing!
  3. As opposed to what she usually wears for her bottoms (bikini bottoms and boots, a skirt in the DCU films.), she wears plastic-looking blue pants, thus making her looking like a knockoff of a Wonder Woman action figure as opposed to the actual character herself.
    • Speaking of which, her costume looks like a costume from a porn parody.
  4. Just to ride the success of the then-recent Iron Man movies, this version of Wonder Woman is publicly known as the alter-ego of an industrialist named Diana Themyscira. However, she still has the secret identity of Diana Prince, for no clearly explained reason.
    • On top of that, this incarnation of Wonder Woman feels more like a rip-off of Frank Miller's more ruthless incarnation of Batman, but with none of that Batman's likability, charm and redeeming qualities.
  5. She has little-to-no personality other than a psychotic murderer and bully.
  6. She doesn't get punished or called out for torturing and bullying others, aside from by a senator who's just there so that Diana can dismiss him as being a wimp who doesn't want to do what it takes to stop evil.
    • Before she gets taken out, Veronica Cale angrily rants that Wonder Woman is guilty of trespassing, property damage, assault, bullying, even murder, and every word she says is correct. Not only that, Wonder Woman gets off any charges because her ex-boyfriend, who works for the FBI, covers up the whole thing.
  7. Adrianne Palicki does a terrible job portraying the character as well.
  8. Even Lynda Carter (who portrayed Wonder Woman on the 1978 TV series) hated her as well.
  9. She was so bad that NBC never picked up her show.


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