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Do we seriously need another Peppa Pig?
Gender: Male
Type: An Ungrateful Rip-off of Peppa Pig That's Even Worse
Age: 5
Species: Wolf
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Wolfoo

Wolfoo is the titular character and protagonist of the infamous Vietnamese YouTube kids show with the same name. He is a kid wolf, who is friends with Pando, Kat, Moly, Croco, Alien, Bufo, and Piggy. He is also Lucy's brother and the son of Mommy and Daddy Wolf.

Why He's a Big Bad Wolf

  1. First of all, he's a complete ripoff of Peppa Pig from the series of the same name, to the point that it makes Peppa herself seem much better in comparison because Wolfoo is basically her done to the next level.
    • He has a similar design to Peppa Pig and even looks like he was stolen from that show as well. For example, he has two eyes on each side of his head, meaning he actually has four eyes. (Fortunately, there are several episodes, and the spin-off, Wolfoo the Adventurer reveals they only have two eyes.) The one difference between these designs however are Wolfoo's hands being shaped like circles while Peppa's are fork shaped.
    • He is very ungrateful, spoiled, whiny, and bratty. He is very mean to his family, friends, and even his one and only sister, Lucy. Let's not forget that he is quite sadistic as well, as he sometimes takes pleasure in making her feel upset.
  2. He hardly gets any comeuppance or karma for any bad things he does, which makes him a Karma Houdini, much like Peppa.
  3. His catchphrase: "AWOOOOOOOOOO!" is very repetitive and gets old fast, and he says it in almost every episode.
  4. He is unable to control his anger. In this episode for example, he gets mad when Lucy accidentally throws a ball at him and causes his toy to fall on the ground and break. What does he do? He scolds his sister and causes her to leave the room angrily.
  5. He is very rude and ungrateful to his parents, usually through not following their commands and often getting angry over stuff they do, even if accidental, and often acts like a spoiled brat to them.
    • He also acts mean-spirited towards his so-called "best friends", Pando and Kat. In one episode, when Pando wants the Lego toy airplane, he grabs it, and they both fight over it to the point where they mindlessly break it apart. Another time, Pando visits Wolfoo's house and seems to get more attention than him, so Wolfoo decides to upset him, and in addition, he never even shares his Superman toy with him. Hence making him one of those fake friends.
    • He's even rude to objects in his world. For example, he makes a toy triangle, circle, and square fall on the floor after he raises his blanket and causing them to get dirty and some scratches on them. Then, it causes them to come to life and they get sad, and then it causes them to try to get Wolfoo to play with them, but instead, he puts them under the bed. The second time, they actually get mad at Wolfoo, but suddenly, he builds a jail out of Legos and puts them all in it. He also makes a cruel grin at them, which proves that he is too lazy to play with the toys.
    • Speaking of being lazy, another time, his dad buys him a toy clock, and it comes alive when Wolfoo is playing a video game. The clock tells him to go to bed, but instead, he does not, so the clock rings and he hits it in the head (to make matters worse, he does that several times in the episode), which causes his mom to come and make him go to bed instead. In the next scene, the clock tells him to brush his teeth but then he says no to it. He then gets a cavity but was spared purely out of dumb luck because the clock itself had to get rid of the cavity. In the third scene, his mom prepares bread for him, but he just goes to sleep instead of looking after it. The toaster that the bread was in overheats and almost explodes, and at that moment, the clock comes into the room and finds out that it was overheating so it tries to save Wolfoo, and that proves that said character can be careless and inattentive.
  6. He's also shown to be a show-off. A good example of this is in this episode, where Lucy is shown building a house out of cardboard. Wolfoo then enters the room with multiple Pop-It toys in his hands. He then laughs at Lucy's hard work and says to her: "So ugly!" and then he gets wood sticks and pokes Lucy's butt with one. After that, he watches Lucy painting her cardboard house, and makes a mess in the process, and after Wolfoo stares at it, he starts to laugh at his sister. Then, he gets a fan and blows his house, but it does not flinch. He then uses the fan on Lucy's house and almost makes it fall over. Last but not least, he gets a water gun and shoots the roof of his house with water, and the Pop-Its absorb the water. He then tries to shoot Lucy's house, and since it will obviously get ruined if he shoots it with the water gun, thus causing Lucy to throw a tantrum.
  7. He can notably be a bad influence on children because of his bad behavior. To add insult to injury, he even is a bad elder for his baby cousin Jenny. In this episode, he gets mad just because of Lucy throwing a stinky sock on him. He then starts to chase Lucy on a skateboard and gets a bow and plunger (he uses it as an arrow) to shoot Lucy but misses. He then starts holding her Elsa doll toy and acts as if he wants to challenge his sister to a sword duel (or a doll duel to make more sense). But then, he gets hit by Lucy using a baby Superman toy. He then tries to hit Lucy with her Elsa doll, but then his mom comes and tells him to stop. Then, after Jenny throws a stinky sock, he starts laughing at the victim of the stinky sock, Lucy. Thankfully he gets his comeuppance after Jenny throws Lucy's Elsa doll toy.
  8. He also tries to rip off Jenny. Speaking of her, in this episode, he wears a diaper in an attempt to manipulate his mom and dad into paying more attention to him instead of Jenny, and also says "Goo Goo" instead of "Goo Goo Gaa Gaa." In the second scene, he tries to enter a baby bath but gets stuck in it. Then, he literally jumps into it and even breaks it. In the third scene, he urinates in his diaper literally on purpose, and causes Lucy, Jenny, and even his mom to laugh at him. He did regret doing that, thankfully.
  9. He is shown to have bad manners, as revealed in this episode. Here, he and Lucy start playing in a restaurant and cause others to get angry at them, which proves they can be immature, and they look like something Melvin Sneedly would make fun of. He and Lucy started fighting over ice cream in the restaurant, and then they spill it on the floor, before causing a disastrous chain reaction. Croco's dad slips on the ice cream and throws his phone at the waiter, and then he dumps the food on Mrs. Pig and Piggy. Not helping matters is that after all this, the Wolf family had to pay a whopping 1000 dollars. Skip to 2:24 to see the scene where he does it.
  10. In this episode, he and Lucy have to babysit baby aliens. However, Wolfoo is selfish and does not want to share his toys with the babies. So, he locks them up in Lego jails so he won’t have to share his toys with them.
  11. Similar to characters such as Thomas from Seasons 12-16 or Norman Price since Season 6, whenever he "learns his lesson" at the end of the episode, he only goes on to do something stupid the next episode. Sometimes, he even does stuff that he learned not to do in a previous episode. For example, in many episodes, he repeatedly mistreats his stomach, like eating too much to turn it into a rainbow or skipping meals to eat junk food. And even when he "apologizes", he clearly doesn't show remorse for any bad things he's done, considering he can mistreat the same people.
  12. Because of the aforementioned reasons, he is considered one of the worst protagonists to ever exist in a kids' show and one of the meanest characters in the show. Also, he contributes to how much this show is seen as a Peppa Pig rip-off.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Karma sometimes returns to him whenever he does a bad thing, and to make matters better, he sometimes even apologizes for what he does, but that doesn't spare him from being a Karma Houdini, especially due to the fact he barely learns anything.
  2. Sometimes (and somehow), he can be sympathetic due to him getting bullied by Bufo, Piggy and Lucy, for example, in one episode, Lucy steps on the weight scale when he checks his weight, causing Wolfoo to think that he's fat and him having to go through torture exercise. Another time, Bufo tries to throw a ball at him to hurt him (although Moly saves him.)
  3. He sometimes can surprisingly act helpful in some ways, like saving some people, and can even be likable in some episodes (though that doesn't excuse him).
  4. He can be quite funny sometimes, especially when he gets karma for his actions.
  5. Deep down, he is close and loving to his family, especially to his dad and grandparents.
  6. He improved marginally in season 4, as he became more likable and tolerable compared to seasons 1-3, though not by much.


Wolfoo and his show have been universally panned and have received large negative reception from viewers and in general, almost all people alike. He has been widely hated by many and is considered one of the worst cartoon characters of all time, and his show is hated continuously for being a bad rip-off of Peppa Pig.


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