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    "Don't let your kids watch this!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Countless adult-related subjects/imagery/etc put into a kids' game such as penis jokes, uncensored cleavage, etc

    Wild Woody
    130-1308058 wild-woody-wiki.png
    "Ability and Chance! Has got NOTHING to do with it, bright boy! And the name's not 'Pencil Neck'! It's Woody!! WIIIIIIIILD WOODY! *yells insistently and flailing his arms & legs while falling*
    Gender: Male
    Type: Boisterous Maniac of a Hero
    Species: Anthropomorphic Pencil
    Portrayed by: Joe Kerska
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wild Woody

    Wild Woody is the main titular character of the Sega CD game Wild Woody. He is a pencil who is brought to life by Low Man of the Totem Pole to round up his Totem brothers who had escaped his control and created parallel universes and in order to gather the scattered segments of the totem pole. He tends to think highly of himself and likes to crack jokes. He is voiced by Joe Kerska.

    Not-So Wild Qualities

    1. To write down the first problem about him, he's a complete rip-off of Earthworm Jim.
      • He has the goofy personality of Earthworm Jim down to having a similar saying to match the silliness (where Earthworm Jim uses the word "Groovy", Wild Woody uses the word "WIILLLD" in a similarly hammy way), both of them are portrayed as silly protagonists in and out of the cutscenes, they both have a hammy inflection and subtle mannerisms in their manly voices, and having a similar art style with their pointy heads with big round eyes and a big mouth as a part of their character designs, along with having cartoonishly enthusiastic expressions to match the wackiness.
    2. In the cutscenes, there are times when Woody himself is implausibly annoying with his crazed behavior, over-the-top actions, and loud voice. Even when the "WIIILLLD Woody" line starts to get old really fast. While it may be funny the first few times, every other time it is reused, it becomes more irritating than funny.
    3. Woody comes out short in personality and character development. He's basically the combination of the stationary of the Pencil cases from the intro of Art Attack(1990) and the personality traits of the Pepperami mascot in a nutshell. This makes him clichéd somehow. He's basically the generic "I'm gonna save the world" type of protagonist who retrieves Totem Pole heads, with nothing else unique about him aside from being hammy, hyperactive, boisterous & "wild", hence the explanation. Especially since Wild Woody is the type of character with such a loud personality, it's meant to have the same Jim Carrey appeal from characters like The Mask from The Mask for example.
      • This is especially shown when Woody's character design and concept is lazily and horrendously crafted, to quote Blameitonjorge: "It was probably the only thing lying around".
        • Also, despite saying that his very name is the only thing he knows, he somehow is able to spout out one-liners based on pop culture as an example of poor writing. This is, surprisingly, a deep moment when Woody introduces himself where he notes, to his confusion "Golly... I know my name, but it seems that's all I know.". But unfortunately, instead of using this to build on his character, he goes straight back to having a "all-attitude" trait immediately afterward.
    4. Every time Woody gets hurt, he never shuts up as he only says "ow", which can be heard when you start the game.
    5. His sketches, while they seem imaginative and useful, they are either hard to naviagate or last a second.
    6. This may have been innovative at the time, but the voice acting by Joe Kerska for Woody isn't bad, it just comes across as weird and mediocre nowadays.
    7. His dialogue can come off as hilariously bad and cheesy. It more often than not feels very out of place for a game that is supposed to be a kids' game like "All I did was bust a gut".
    8. Following from the previous pointer, he has shown to be somewhat inappriopiate, sometimes perverted or suggestive in a way. Given that his very name is a dick innuendo.
      • Even his actions do this as well, such as his 2D animation when growing back to normal which feels more like "erecting". While Woody himself can erase things, not only is it inappropriate by the way he does it since it's essentially his butt considering that he is a pencil, it's hard for the player to erase enemies which leads to cheap side effects.
      • One of his sketches he brought to life from his sketchbook, it's shown as a convuluted easter egg to hack the game in the second act of the world Pirate World, was a smirking topless mermaid with boobies that are explicitly hanging from her chest with no pixelation, no bra or anything to cover it, we kid you not. This became the most infamous thing about the game Woody starred in because of this fact being showcased in SEGA's Tips and Tricks 100th Issue magazine as of 2003 (8 years later after the game was released).
        • On the last cutscene of the game, he also wished for a pink female paintbrush, with topless and uncensored boobies on it, as his special wish upon placing the last Totem Head on the totem pole.
      • When you get a game over, after getting a CGI cutscene of Woody and Low Man flying in space upon the platform exploding when you lose all your lives, you see censored text like autocamtic speech bubble of miniture Woody going !@#&𖦹, which means he's swearing.

    Wild Qualities

    1. His very introduction: "Call me Woody, WIIILLLD WOODY!", along with his cheesy yet enthusiastic performances and animations in the CGI cutscenes, can be considered to be quite hilarious & entertaining to watch to most viewers (like the game-over screens).
      • He can be pretty funny to watch for the fact that in the cutscenes, he's a lot wilder than how he is in the game itself, especially since he's a goofy maniac who's very crazed and over-the-top. This quality makes him one of the most enjoyable parts of the game (well for the most part, however).
    2. Following from this; there are times when his dialogue is so bad that it's unintentionally funny. (EX: "My! Oh my!!", "Hope you got insurance Remi", "No need to get personal." or "Alright! My creative juices are FLOWIN' now" as seen in four instances of those cutscenes.)
    3. To be fair, the idea of having a pencil as the main character being able to draw up items and erase enemies sounds interesting and creative, despite it all being poorly executed.
    4. When Wild Woody first comes to life, he's shown to draw some pretty impressive pictures in the first cutscene, in a fast-paced if far-fetched and exaggerated way no-less.
    5. At times Wild Woody can be tolerable to listen to when he speaks in a normal regular tone of voice rather than yelling like a 'crazy maniac' in those aforementioned cutscenes.


    • Many of the parodies of Wild Woody himself, are portrayed in a much more positive light. From Machima portraying him as a crazed, destructive & hyperactive goofball who means well in the Taco Man series, to the reviewer SEGAbits portraying him as a goofy jokester with a bit of an attitude to show what's so charming about him in the game.



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