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    White Woz (Kamen Rider Zi-O)

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    I think we found Reika's real and long lost brother, that's a good thing right? Not really.

    Woz (ウォズ Wozu) was a zealous supporter of Geiz Myokoin from an alternate future who traveled to early 2019 to help him defeat Ohma Zi-O and become the world's savior known as GeizRevive. He is aptly named White Woz (白ウォズ Shiro Wozu) during his rivalry with his black counterpart, who later stole his Kamen Rider Woz (仮面ライダーウォズ Kamen Raidā Wozu) powers. White Woz was erased from existence following the Battle Fight.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He is supposed to be Geiz' zealous supporter, but during his appearances, it looks like he barely cares about Geiz and barely convinces Geiz to defeat Sougo, as he is nothing but an impudent slacker, who treats his future "Savior" like dirt, and what's worse is unlike his black counterpart he never properly aids Geiz in his battles or just as a normal civilian.
    2. He is a spoiled brat, when Black Woz took his powers and made it his own, he just threw an irritating scream and didn't even fight his own counterpart there is no rule stating that you can't fight your own counterpart, and when Geiz' never accepts him as his supporter, he shows some temper stating that he wants everything to go his way.
    3. He sees his "Savior's" friendly rival, as a punching bag other than his rival, unlike his black counterpart who had a brief rivalry with Geiz before settling their differences and becoming friendly rivals, even though they still show their bitter sides towards each other, however that is not the case with White Woz, every time he encounters Sougo, he just sees him as merely an obstacle to Geiz and doesn't give a crap towards him if there's like any time that Sougo would stop Geiz to be his "Savior", and it could possibly be hinted that white woz is either an unsympathetic prick, or he's just a prideful coward, so he never had the backbone to either hurt sougo just one bit.
    4. His path to villainy is really underwhelming, as Stated in WHS #2, it only happened when Black Woz when he took his powers as a Kamen Rider, and he's even worthless as a villain than he is in his initial state, all he ever did was turn people into Another Riders, he never even used his future note, in order to sabotage the core trio's motive of saving the person he turned into an another rider back into a normal human, but no he just stands their acting like he can't do any proper schemes like he's worthless without his initial powers.
    5. As a rider, White Woz is extremely pathetic and probably had no combat experience whatsoever as he only relies on the Miridewatches' power or the Jikan despear and also rushes his time on the battlefield. When the enemy is in an advantage, he jumps straight away to perform a finisher.
    6. His personality is as blank as a slate or and he is mostly emotionless, he only makes a move when either Geiz or his black counterpart out of nowhere in order to "Convince" Geiz or to "exterminate" his black counterpart.
    7. He was a terrible antagonist and is the only bad character in the Zi-O:Next Time Geiz Majesty V-Cinext, he was also really bad at keeping his real motive a secret or keeping his facade, it is noticeable that he never really had an interest in Geiz and for him to be a Savior, and only wanted to erase his existence in that timeline, and finally to rub some salt on the wound his on-screen fights were so terrible, to the point that it's humiliating and extremely cheesy to watch, and his defeat was so uninteresting.
    8. And finally to rub some salt on the wound, He's the worst character that ever existed in the whole show itself which could make you think that the writers hurried the script for White Woz, probably thinking that it's a good idea to give Woz his own counterpart and he feels so unnecessary towards the show as he served little to no purpose in the arc he appeared in, he hardly made any contribution in the arc.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His transformation sequence looks so badass, the futuristic background surrounding it is really cool, and when the Techno Standby jingle plays it just gets even better at the point where he turns into a Rider.
    2. He did get his comeuppance, in his final moments in Ep 30, where he gave Sougo the trinity ridewatch, and sees his potential as a King and Geiz' as just a normal rider who wants to support Sougo in his path of being a King. and somewhat settling his difference with his black counterpart before he fades away.
    3. He is very easy on the eyes.


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