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    Wayne Cramp
    Gender: Male
    Type: Freakish Troublemaker
    Age: 10
    Species: Purple Human
    Portrayed by: Tom Kenny
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Cramp Twins

    Wayne is one of the two main protagonists from The Cramp Twins. He is Lucien's blue-skinned brother who, for some strange reason, looks as though he is constantly cold and shivering. As a result, he looks very different from his brother. He was voiced by Tom Kenny.

    Why He (Intentionally?) Should Be Called "Girl-Pants"

    1. The main problem with Wayne is that he is one of the worst examples of an "abusive sibling" trope who always bullies Lucien for seemingly no reason other than the facts that he is most intended to be hated and the fact that the writers wanted it to happen (in fact, he started doing so the moment they were born). In the first episode alone ("Fashion Passion"), when Lucien decides to try to save him from choking, he reveals he was faking it and spits in his face, sarcastically calling him his hero.
      • He counts as a karma houdini because he usually gets away with mistreating others.
      • He doesn't feel much for the other kids he torments, including Lucien.
        • Speaking of bullying, during the show's second season he was flanderized to his absolute worst. As he becomes a borderline psychopath and an even greater karma houdini.
    2. For whatever reason, he enjoys it when his heinie is spanked like a baby. It comes off as creepy, disguisting, and weird in a masochistic way.
    3. His design is very unappealing and mediocre to look at as he resembles an early prototype version of Dr. Drakken from Kim Possible which came out a year later. Cramp Twins premiered in 2001 and ended in three years while also being a rip off of Ed from Ed Edd n Eddy with the similar shape design of his face.
    4. He once tried to collect people's spit, because of his sugar addiction in "Spit Collector" - which is extremely gross and disgusting for little kids of that age.
    5. He may be the main protagonist, but he will most likely be definitely not someone who you should root for.
      • Because Wayne Cramp is sadistic and a bully, he will most likely come off as more than a villain than a hero.
      • It's kind of laughable that he can persuade others to think he’s a good guy given his appearance and how he acts.
    6. His mother (Dorothy Cramp) doesn't seem to do anything about him bullying her other son.
    7. Wayne's actions have put Lucien in danger more than once.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. It can be kind of amusing that his rivalry with Lucien began as a baby. Unfortunately, things haven't improved since then.
    2. He makes Lucien possible to root for since his "heart of gold" part is incredibly downplayed, but Wayne will occasionally show his good side.
      • Once in a while, he will show some decency. He is also pretty good friends with a middle-aged man named Dirty Joe who is pretty much the only person Wayne treats well since he owns a local junkyard.
    3. Some people do prefer him over Lucien, on the basis that Lucien is a goody-two-shoes. On the lighter side of things, the show at least addresses Wayne’s behavior rather than pretending he is something he is not.
    4. He does receive comeuppance for his actions... albeit seldom when it does happen.
      • He does get some karma in the intro, where birds use him as a toilet.
    5. He can be funny, but not always.
    6. Tom Kenny does a hilarious job voicing him, thus making for a passablely great performance.
    7. Some of his victims deserve what he gives them, such as Brick Barker and Miss Hissy.
    8. He does have standards:
      • In the episode "Naughty Nuptials", Tony's small bride-to-be is revealed to be a serial kidnapper who entraps other small husbands in a chest, which makes him disturbed by this revelation, even though he's bullied and tried to kill Tony on a few occasions.
      • He is disgusted at his grandma's plan to dress him and his brother up as old ladies so that wolves will attack them instead of her. It turns out there weren't any wolves, but still.
      • Even Wayne is scared of his mom's Super OCD.
    9. There are a few occasions where we can feel sorry for him, like in "Bully For Wayne" where he was tormented to extremes by Brick, the main antagonist of the episode.


    • He displays some traits of ADHD, namely his hyperactivity. Then there's also his very obvious symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder aka sociopathy.


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