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    Wataru Kurenai (Kamen Rider Kiva)

    Wataru Kurenai
    "Remember Den-O?! Ya like Ryotaro kids?! Well here he is again! Except not really!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: A protagonist apparently
    Species: Human/Fangire
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Kamen Rider Kiva

    Wataru Kurenai was a shut-in violinist, and the hero who transforms into Kamen Rider Kiva, and one of the two the main protagonists/title character of Kamen Rider Kiva.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He's a very whiny and bratty character, similar to Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O.
      • The main thing is it doesn't make sense with Wataru since that type of character only works for a show like Den-O
    2. He didn't have much of a story outside of a romance plot which wasn't very well written.
    3. Despite his personality, he'll constantly become very confident out of nowhere and in most instances he is seen as somewhat cowardly, making his character shift rapidly.
    4. Even with that flaw, his awkwardness still gets in the way of at times, similar to Misao Mondo/Zyuoh the World.
    5. He wanted to go back to the past to kill himself since his girlfriend died, which is extremely out of nowhere and kind of overdramatic for a show like this.

    Good Qualities

    1. Although it shifts his character, it's nice to see him willing to kick ass as Kiva from the get-go and and not being too scared to fight monsters.
    2. He does work very well with most of the characters in this show, especially his father, being a foil to his social yet outlandish personality.
    3. All of his suits look amazing, making the fight scenes with him in it top notch.
    4. His cowardly personality still could've worked in a way, the show could've done a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tribute with his character or just make him inexperienced with Kiva from the start.
    5. He's a much more interesting protagonist than Riders like Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz, Takeru Tenkuuji/Kamen Rider Ghost and Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber.


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