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    But hey, at least there could be something way worse, right?
    Gender: Male
    Type: Rude, Ungrateful Bully, and the Lighter Clone
    The dark side of wallet
    Species: Wallet
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Object Terror

    Wallet, otherwise known as "The Cerial Killer", is a major character and antagonist from the infamous critically panned object show, Object Terror.

    Why He Intentionally Should Be An Empty Wallet By Now

    1. To begin with, he is nothing more than a rip-off of Object Overload's Lighter, because of him being a jerkass and a killer, and Lighter himself is not any better.
    2. He causes trouble to everyone in Object Terror. Similar to Bendy, he is characterized as a troublemaker that puts everyone through hell and succeeds every single time.
    3. He is rude, ungrateful, mean-spirited, and most importantly, very unlikable. Also, he can be considered as a mean popular boy because of his mistreatment of the other characters. Sound familiar?
    4. He pretty much never gets any comeuppance for his actions and gets off scot-free, which means that he is a Karma Houdini.
    5. He is also considered to be a Scrappy. Both by the contestants and by the viewers due to how so many people hate him for his actions.
    6. For some reason, he makes the other contestants look bad, thus showing how manipulative he is.
    7. Also, he can sometimes do bad things for no reason, for example, in one scene, he makes Plug cry even though he did nothing bad to him.
    8. He's also considered to be a psychopath as he actually murders others for cheap reasons, either because they hate him, or for no reason at all.
    9. Most of his jokes are bad, especially since he makes them intentionally bad (yes, he does). Still sound familiar?
    10. The infamously disturbing pose where he is shown holding a heart and a gun at the same time with a pissed off look on his face. See it for yourself.
    11. He cannot take criticism, as in one scene, he was the last one chosen by Skittle, so he gets angry to the point where he says he is going to murder her and Plug.
    12. His dancing skills (as shown in this video) while not outright terrible, are generic, especially since the rest of the cast do it.
    13. He once even tried to ruin CHRISTMAS. This is the video where he does so.
    14. He once even made an awful attempt at voicing Santa, in fact it sounds like his voice is muffled.
    15. On the topic of Santa, he even tried to impersonate him, and also made him angry as well.
    16. The infamous video where he acts mean-spirited towards Biscuit.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. As mentioned before, he looks appealing in the show.
    2. He sometimes gets his comeuppance for his actions as he got eliminated in one Object Terror episode, which reduces the effect of him being a Karma Houdini.
    3. He's definitely supposed to be hated for everything mentioned above, due to him being a hatesink.
    4. He's much more likable in the first and lost Object Terror series.
    5. His design is appealing, and his smile looks expressive.


    • He is the series' official mascot.
    • He has an ability where he can throw his dollar and turn it into metal, as if it was a boomerang. Although, it might not be canon.


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