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    Waddlesworth (102 Dalmatians)

    Gaw, i just realized i'm not a rottweiler at all, I'm a retriever!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Delusional Macaw
    Species: Macaw
    Portrayed by: Eric Idle
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 102 Dalmatians

    Waddlesworth is a delusional macaw who thinks he is a dog and is one of the deuteragonists from 102 Dalmatians. He lives at the Second Chance shelter with Kevin and is a member of The Gang, along with Chomp, Drooler, and Digger. He is also good friends with Oddball, Domino, and Little Dipper.

    He is portrayed by Eric Idle.

    "Dogs Can't Fly" Qualities

    1. The main problem with his character, in general, is that he is very delusional, as he thinks he is a rottweiler and he thinks he can't fly, which obviously he can fly because he is a bird. This makes him similar to the 1993 live-action incarnation of Mario, who also admitted that he can't jump in one scene even though he does jump in the original games. Coincidentally, both of them are red.
      1. He usually comes off as a jerk to other people because they mislabel his species as a macaw.
    2. While it is funny that the fact that he is a macaw who thinks he is a dog, it can get really annoying at times, especially in some bad situations.
      • To make matters worse, during the scene where Oddball gets lifted up by balloons and needs rescuing, Kevin orders Waddlesworth to fly up and rescue Oddball from the balloons, but he outright refuses to help Oddball because yet he still thinks he is a dog and he complains that dogs cannot fly, hence leaving Kevin to rescue Oddball himself. What's worse is that he is supposed to be a good friend to Oddball!
    3. Similar to other filler characters from movies like The Lorax and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, he was basically made just so we can root for him because he is supposed to be viewed as a delusional feathered companion and friend to Kevin and The Gang who would personally help them if they are in trouble, but the fact that he makes no appearance or a mention in the original books nor the movies makes it extremely hard to give him an actual clear personality.
    4. He provides a tasteless moment near the end of the film in which after he and Oddball land on the inside of the caboose just as it is about to close, he finally admits that he is not a rottweiler at all, only to admit now that he is a retriever, which is not only annoying, it also comes off as cheap laugh just to make you think that he would finally admit that he is a macaw because he can fly.
    5. He barely serves any purpose in the film whatsoever other than being Kevin's pet macaw.
    6. Hypocrisy: He admits he can't fly because he thinks he is a dog and that dogs can't fly, yet near the end of the film, he is shown to be flying as he lifts Oddball to the open caboose.
      • In one scene, he also calls Kevin a twit, even though he himself is a twit due to how annoying and jerkish he can be towards Kevin.
    7. His design in 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue is no better as he resembles a scarlet macaw instead of the blue and green macaw that he was portrayed in.
    8. Sometimes, he may even be seen as a ripoff of Iago from Aladdin.

    "Dogs Can Fly!" Qualities

    1. Deep down, he does care for Oddball and the other dogs, and his owner Kevin.
    2. To be fair, he only thinks he is a dog because he has grown up with dogs his entire life.
    3. He has been shown to help Kevin and Oddball on several occasions.
      • He helped Kevin, Chomp, Drooler, and Digger out of their prison cell after the latter five get locked up in jail.
      • He helped Oddball by lifting her onto the train on time in order to save the other Dalmatians.
    4. Eric Idle did a good job voicing him.
    5. He sometimes has a good reason for being a jerk to some people, because they mislabel his species as a macaw, even though he admits he is a dog.
    6. His "RWRRWRRWRWR!" bark that he gave off to Chloe is hilarious.
    7. His design in 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue while mediocre, is somewhat decent, and is so far the only time we get to see Waddlesworth rendered in a cartoonish style.
    8. He is obviously not a bad character, just a flawed one.


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