Vomiting Vera (Horrid Henry)

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Vomiting Vera (Horrid Henry)
Vomiting Vera.jpeg
“Go away!”
Gender: Female
Type: Baby Grossout Character
Age: 1
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Horrid Henry

Vomiting Vera is a minor character in the Horrid Henry series created by American author Francesca Simon and British illustrator Tony Ross. She is the baby cousin of the series' titular main character, Horrid Henry.

Why She Sucks

  1. Vomiting Vera is nothing more than a baby, however, due to her being a baby, she spits up, burps, drools, cries a lot, vomits a lot, and of course, wets and soils her nappies. While this is normal with babies, this is done so excessively, it's almost like the creators hate babies and project their reasons on this baby character. Other baby characters such as Dil Pickles from, Rugrats, Lily Loud from The Loud House, and Poof from The Fairly OddParents are not portrayed like that. Vera is basically Lily Loud if her dirty nappy gag prior to "Schooled" where she becomes wears a white shirt and lavender shorts (also white booties on several occasions when she goes outside) becomes potty trained, and goes to preschool was used multiple times every episode.
  2. One of her running gags is that she vomits and spits up frequently, which annoys the other characters.
  3. Henry hates her and doesn't want to see her unless she's older or impounded.
  4. She either is a background character or serves as a plot device to bring nothing but gross-out humour to the show. This is excusable because she's a baby and babies are very limited unless they are given character such as Stewie Griffin from Family Guy and Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  5. She is at her absolute worst in the "Henry Changes A Nappy", as it really defines Vera as a character. She's not just there to provide gross-out humour but also show just how bad of a parent and aunt Henry's mum is. As she put Vera in a dangerous situation, having Henry babysit her despite him being a child who is inexperienced in parenting. She was also the one who caused all the episode’s events to begin with, if she acted like an adult and got off the phone and babysat her like she’s supposed to or at least helped Henry with the nappy change, faeces wouldn’t have ended up all over her house and other people. It only further drives the point of how terrible and incompetent of a parent Henry’s mother is.
  6. She's also shown to abuse her intelligence. While it allows her to play video games skillfully and say "Go away!", her intelligence allows her hack or even destroy electronics, she even gets away with a lot of things due to being an infant. For example, she took and ruined Henry’s mother’s phone when no one was looking, ensuing a lot of panic. She can unintentionally destroy things. However, it’s forgivable because she’s a baby and isn’t doing all of this intentionally, even if she causes hundreds of pounds in damage.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. When Vera's not doing all the disgusting things babies do, she is cute.
  2. She also promotes diversity as her debut episode of her being baptised reveals that Henry's family is Catholic.
  3. As mention above in WSS#1, her spitting up, burping, drooling, crying, vomiting and soling her nappies a lot is excusable because she's a baby.


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