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    Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski
    "I'll be back to steal your lunch again tomorrow." *inhales through his water headphones* "And next time, go easy with the mayo." *inhales through his water headphones again* "It's bad for my complexion."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Unlikable Bully Stereotype
    Age: 13
    Species: Bull Shark
    Portrayed by: Phil LaMarr
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: My Gym Partner's a Monkey
    First appearance: Shark Attack
    Last appearance: A Whole Zoo World

    Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski is a character from My Gym Partner's a Monkey. He is a bull shark who is the bully at Charles Darwin Middle School. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

    Why He Should Intentionally Get Expelled From School

    1. To start things off, his personality is very generic and stereotypical, right down to the core. Sure, some bullies come off as this, but deep deep down, there's a lot more than what meets the eye.
    2. He's just nothing more than a perfect example of a clichéd mean bully.
    3. He bullies his frequent peers on a daily basis, hence his name.
    4. While his design is decent, he has sharp teeth with braces, which is pretty creepy.
    5. He somehow got power over Principal Pixiefrog, the guy who has the power to expel students if they act up.
      • Because of this, he gets to bully the entire school without the worry of receiving a proper punishment. Heck, that's probably why the students are so afraid of him.
    6. Out of all the students, Adam is the one who he bullies the most.
      • It's been months since Adam got enrolled to Charles Darwin Middle School and he's still trying to learn the ropes, but Bull uses that to his advantage to make his stay at the school miserable.
      • In one short, he took Adam's spot in the cafeteria just as he was about to sit down with his friends. And what's even worse, as he left and Adam finally got to sit with his friends, the bell rang right before poor Adam even got to finish his lunch.
    7. He is a negative stereotype towards sharks that had been cliched and overdone. He reinforces the “sharks are evil bullies” cliche, which is realistically harmful to sharks as sharks are an important part of the aquatic ecosystem and they are realistically not the man-eaters Hollywood made them out to be.
    8. He was at his absolute worst in his debut episode, where he kept terrorizing Adam by taking his lunch wherever he hides and when Adam accidentally hits his snout, he ran away in fear, showing just how much of a coward he is. Then, when Adam helps him out by acting that Bull hit him (which was really just his fin tapping his shoulder), he goes back to being a bully.
    9. In the episode "Political Animals", he uses his intimidating nature to scare all the students into not running for student body president just so he can run unopposed.
    10. In the episode "Shark Fin Soupy", when he challenged Soupy Baskington, who was way bigger than Bull himself to a fight after he got his headphones mixed up, when Soupy got real angry and towered over Bull, he cowered in fear and that could've been a way to teach Bull a lesson about his bullying if Soupy didn't cry in terror over that one little punch.
    11. In the episode "Hygiene Hijinks", when Bull got his braces removed, he started becoming much nicer to everyone and no longer seeing them as his victims, which started out nice until he started mocking Adam for how the way he looks, which made him an even worse bully than before. Then, when he got his teeth destroyed and got his braces back, once again, he went back to his old ways.
    12. Due to the entire school fearing him, he doesn't receive punishment for some of his actions, making him a Karma Houdini for the most part.
    13. Due to all of the above, alongside with Jake, his stereotypical personality was one of the many reasons why My Gym Partner's a Monkey wasn't so well-received, making him one of the most unlikable characters on the show.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His older sister, Euripides is an even worse bully than him to the point where she makes Bull look like a saint in comparison.
    2. Phil LaMarr did a good job voicing him.
    3. Despite the flaws, his design is decent.
    4. Though not enough to remove him from the Karma Houdini party, he does get his comeuppance some of the time.
      • He gets sent to detention in the episodes "Yesterday's Funny Monkey" and "Fresh Brewed".
      • In one of the Cartoon Network Block Party comics, he hides in the cage Adam was using when he thought he was going to get killed to protect himself from an angry Jake when he found out he wasn't invited to the birthday party, leaving him nothing to do but cower in fear.
    5. To be fair, he was clearly meant to be hated.
    6. At least he is nowhere near as bad as Jake.



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