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    ViraBot.exe (Animator vs. Animation)

    When computer viruses get even MORE annoying.
    Gender: None
    Type: Painfully Obvious Computer Virus
    Age: None
    Species: Computer Virus
    Portrayed by: None
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Animator vs. Animation
    First appearance: Animator vs. Animation Shorts Episode 1

    ViraBot.exe is the main antagonist of the first two episodes of Animator vs. Animation. It is a computer virus that takes control of and destroys computers, and it is unknown how it entered Alan's computer. It lived inside of a red sphere that acts as a shell, but it was released from said shell after it was cracked open via a sledgehammer.

    Why Its Existence Has Intentionally Infected Us All

    1. Alan and Orange were just having a good time when this thing showed up and spoiled their fun for no reason by doing a bunch of annoying things.
      • It raised the computer's temperature to 92° Celsius, aka almost TWO HUNDRED degrees Fahrenheit! Like, that's legitimately enough to burn someone!
      • It corrupted every application on the computer, most likely reprogramming them to harm the computer.
      • It locked everyone out of the control panel and basically every other application that could've stopped it.
      • It was somehow able to resummon itself even after it was thrown into the trash which was then emptied immediately after.
      • It took up over 7 gigs of RAM on the computer, aka 97.6% of its storage, which is presumably what made it so hot in the first place.
      • It could reduce anything to 1s and 0s to destroy them, so a lot of stuff got destroyed just with that single ability.
      • It was basically indestructible and nothing anyone drew could do anything more than stun it for a few seconds, and that got old really fast.
      • It trapped everyone except Orange in sticky silk webs and then stuck them to the walls of the screen.
      • It immobilized Orange by sticking a web to their foot.
      • It opened a bunch of suspicious tabs on the browser.
      • It destroyed Alan's cursor pretty early in the battle, meaning Alan couldn't do anything to help for the entire rest of the fight, and it also slashed and destroyed anything else Alan tried to use to help.
    2. It had no motive for destroying everything other than the fact that it's a virus.
    3. It was probably the most obvious computer virus ever, doing literally nothing to hide it. It's name is literally ViraBot.exe!
    4. Its design was generic and very stereotypical for a virus.
      • On its shell there is an emblem of a spider, but it has eight legs. Meanwhile, the actual version of it has four, which makes no sense.
        • Additionally, all four of those legs faced downward, but in the emblem two of its legs faced downward and two faced upward.
    5. It obliterated everything it could, and used them against The Chosen One.
    6. It was unable to speak, which was frustrating at times since you didn't know what it was thinking.
    7. While it was being obliterated by The Chosen One, it just did nothing, which is pretty pathetic and is actually something a lot of cartoon villains do or don't do.
    8. Several things it does just don't make sense.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. It's design, while uncreative, was admittedly pretty cool. Unless you're arachnophobic.
    2. Everything it destroyed being reduced to 1s and 0s was pretty creative.
    3. The suspicious tabs it opened in the browser were pretty funny.
    4. It did get its comeuppance in the end, so we cannot classify it as a karma houdini.
    5. Its final battle with The Chosen One where it used the broken web browsers to make a giant version of itself was pretty dang epic.
    6. It does a decent job as an antagonist.
    7. It had a few hilarious moments.


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