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    Venom (Sam Raimi trilogy)

    Venom (Sam Raimi trilogy)
    "This Eddie was wrong! He kept me nothing because he was trash! But look at me now! You love me, and I'm free! Stop this cruel flanderization of good villains! It is wrong! All of us should be able to well-develop together upon these stories of a franchise! Free to be who we've been!" -Venom's reaction to his flanderization in Spider-Man 3.
    Gender: Genderless
    Type: Mindless Monstrosity
    Personality Copier
    Weak Clone of Eddie
    The "Trash" Side of Eddie
    The "Nothing" Side of Eddie
    The Venom knock-off Side of Eddie
    Species: Evil Symbiote
    Portrayed by: Topher Grace (voice)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Spider-Man 3
    First appearance: Marvel Comics

    Venom is the main antagonist from Spider-Man 3. It first attached itself to Peter Parker as its host, but after Peter forced itself off of him, it immediately attached to its next host, Eddie Brock. It was portrayed by Topher Grace.

    Intentional "Trash" Qualities That Makes Him Nothing

    1. The Sam Raimi Trilogy version of Venom wasn't executed well enough, as he doesn't sound or speak like Venom. He even says "I" instead of "We" (although there are some incarnations of Venom that don't use "We" either like his first debut comic book appearance).
      • Even though Sam Raimi didn't know much about the character, Sony (specifically Avi Arad) still demanded Raimi to put him in the film because he was popular and thought the fans would love it. In short, forced executive meddling on the part of Sony had caused Sam Raimi to fail to understand this character properly.
      • When Eddie speaks with the Venom mask on, it's just him making his voice slightly deeper; there's no alien-like voice for Venom in the movie.
    2. Because of Eddie's backstory being hastily put together, due to having two more villains (Sandman and Harry Osborn a.k.a. New Goblin) in the movie causing it to overstuff and Eddie being pushed aside, Venom didn't have any depth when it attached itself to him, though the film just needed to be longer.
    3. Venom is basically just Eddie with the symbiote just being a suit for Eddie instead of being two different characters.
    4. Venom doesn't look bulky in the movie despite him being a bulky character in the comics. In fact, his design in the movie wouldn't be out of place for a live-action Carnage.
    5. He has nothing to do with the greater narrative of the story (in which it was about Spider-Man finding his Uncle Ben's murderer, and Harry Osborn continuing to get revenge on Spider-Man).
    6. He was fabricating photos of Spider-Man, just to make him look like a criminal. Peter rightfully exposes him as a fraud and gets him fired. Plus, his motivation is stupid.
      • This contrasts to the comic book version of the character, who made an honest mistake by writing a false story from a poor source which ultimately got him fired from his job (in which Spider-Man was indirectly responsible for exposing the falseness of it). Eddie in Spider-Man 3 on the other hand, literally digs his own grave by purposely publishing a false story using his own forged photos to slander Spider-Man, practically guaranteeing he was going to get exposed as a fraud and fired from his job.
        • The fact that Eddie is like this in Spider-Man 3, it makes him incredibly unreasonable in seeking revenge on Peter Parker and when compared to Eddie in the comics, this version is more unsympathetic (and not in a good way).
    7. He prayed to God at church to kill Peter Parker for getting him fired and blacklisted by exposing the forgery and for "stealing" his crush Gwen, even though he deserved to be fired for forging a photo and presenting it as authentic, not to mention Gwen only considered him and Peter as friends. That's without taking into account that the mere act of praying for Parker's death is totally blasphemic, as Catholic principles say you are prohibited to pray for someone to die.
    8. He kidnaps Mary Jane, manipulates Sandman to helping him kill Spider-Man, and even kills Harry Osborn in front of Spider-Man without remorse.
    9. Kind of annoying that it allows Eddie to unmasks himself when he talks to reveal his face, it's understandable if it's done once, but it shouldn't have been more than that.
      • Whenever Venom speaks in the movie, we barely get to see him speaking with the cool Venom face; most of the time, we just see Eddie's face with fangs (which don't really make him look that intimidating and it would have been cooler to just see the Venom face).
    10. Its biggest problem is lack of screen time and proper development.
    11. This version of Venom is hated more after Tom Hardy portrays a much better Venom.
    12. Topher Grace's casting and performance wasn't well-received by many fans; they said he was miscast as the character.
      • Speaking of which, Topher Grace's acting career was badly affected after he portrayed Venom in Spider-Man 3.
    13. He was one of the reasons why Spider-Man 3 was hated when it was first released, but the truth is, Columbia Pictures admitted that he originally wasn't going to be in it.
      • Even when Spider-Man 3 is already getting better reception recently, the way Eddie Brock and Venom were handled is still generally considered not one of the reasons why people are beginning to respect the movie more.
      • To this day, this version of the character is placed low when people rank every version of Venom from worst to best.
    14. He was much worse in the novel adaptation when he threatens Sandman to work for him in an exchange to spare his Penny's life which is not only did he kidnapped his daughter but also place a death threat on her if he doesn't work with him.
    15. Because of his actions, he's better off being called Venom Junior than being called Venom and for most importantly in Riot's words, he is nothing.

    "Venom" Qualities

    1. Despite not looking bulky, his design looks accurate to his comic book incarnation, not to mention pretty cool.
      • He's definitely more detailed compared to the comics because in Spider-Man 3, he has a similar thing with Spider-Man where his suit has a webbing design and the parts that don't have any webs have a certain texture to them. The only differences are that the webbing design on Venom is messier, and the spider symbol is different.
    2. The deleted scene about his original death, despite being twisted and terrifying, was superior with it showing Eddie finally having his comeuppance by being stabbing in the chest and reduced to a skeleton with the Venom Symbiote turning to a monster but likely better as it soon attempts to possess Peter again to presumably do the same as it did with Eddie only to turn the tides when he shoots out a web at the poles dropping them to the ground as an advantage to weaken the Venom Symbiote then arms and throws a Pumpkin Bomb at the Venom Symbiote which results to getting it destroyed which would have been the perfect scene. Sadly though it was deleted.
    3. His origin is accurate to the comics. The Birth of Venom scene at the Church is an extremely loyal adaptation to the comics with great music.
    4. Sam Raimi had a great idea and vision for the character being a dark mirror opposite image of Peter Parker. It was a very unique take on the character, made as much sense as Venom being an evil exaggerated monster Spider-Man, and it could have worked wonderfully if it were split into two parts as supposedly originally planned before Sony forced him in the final act for fan service or something.
    5. This version of Venom had some inspiration from the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics where he was a purple-ish color (or at least in promotion art and some figures) and where Eddie Brock was not a bulky guy (not to mention have the same name "Edward Brock Jr."), which would make some sense of why Topher Grace was cast for the role aside from fitting Raimi's vision, even if you don't like it.
    6. While the Venom voice in the film was bad, his video game counterparts (the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, as well as Spider-Man: Friend or Foe) had a great voice that made up for it and honestly should have been the movie voice.
      • Not to mention, in those games, he actually spoke without him unmasking.
      • Aside from the better voice, Venom's design in the game is also better than in the movie as his build is a bit bulkier and his face is more alien-like and less reptilian.
        • While the graphics and 3D modeling in the Spider-Man 3 games aren't the best, Venom's design at least looks better than in the movie which is cool.
    7. He did spawn a few cool figures based on him.
      • While the 5 inch Venom figure has been criticized for its relatively small scale, somewhat lacking articulation, poorly implemented gimmick and bizarre purple color scheme, Hasbro made up with their limited edition Venom only avaliable at Walmart. While the figure is still only 5 inches, it had more articulation, a black color scheme, some really fun web accessories (which actually work with modern day Marvel Legends figures), didn't have a gimmick and had a much better sculpt that was more detailed, plus, when he released, he only cost about 5 bucks.
      • The Venom figure from the Marvel Legends Sandman (BAF) Series is actually a pretty solid figure and a better deal than the 5 inch Venom; the scale of the figure is larger, the body mold is better, the color scheme is black like it should be, and there is a lot more articulation to get him into more dynamic poses. Many fans who were disappointed with Venom's portrayal in Spider-Man 3 actually gave this Venom figure a positive reception and considered it a solid Venom figure.
        • Much like the game version of Venom, this Venom figure from the Sandman (BAF) series does look better than what we got in the movie: He's bigger than the Spider-Man figure from that same line, the body is bulkier, and the head sculpt does look more like the Venom in the comics.
      • Japanese companies have made really solid figures of him, such as the Real Action Heroes Venom figure based off his Spider-Man 3 design made by Medicom Toys, the Vinyl Collectable Dolls Venom, also by Medicom as well as the Venom ArtFX statue by Kotobukiya. All are considered to be really solid figures.
    8. Venom was a much better and likable villain outside of the movie.
    9. His Movie Portrayal in The 2 Venom movies are an Improvement where is is more Hilarious and Enjoyable. While the first one is a Hit or Miss the Sequel "Venom: Let There be Carnage" Improved a lot and Is Generally Considered a Good Movie.


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