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We are almost Venom!

Venom (real name Eddie Brock) is the main antagonist from Spider-Man 3.

Bad Qualitites

  1. The Sam Raimi Trilogy version of Venom wasn't executed well enough, as he doesn't sound or speak like Venom and his voice is on par with the Spectacular Spider-Man Venom as one of the worst Venom voices ever. He even says "I" instead of "We" (Though there are some incarnations of Venom that don't use "We" either like his first debut comic book appearance).
    • Even though Sam Raimi didn't know much about the character, Sony (specifically Avi Arad) still demanded Raimi to put him in the film because he was popular and thought the fans would love it. In short, forced executive meddling on the part of Sony had caused Sam Raimi to fail to understand this character properly.
  2. Eddie's backstory was hastily put together, due to having two more villains (Sandman and Harry Osborn a.k.a. New Goblin) in the movie causing it to overstuff and Eddie being pushed aside, though the film just needed to be longer.
  3. Venom doesn't look bulky in the movie despite him being a bulky character in the comics. In fact, his design in the movie wouldn't be out of place for a live-action Carnage.
  4. Kind of annoying that he unmasks himself when he talks to reveal his face, I can understand doing it once, but it shouldn't have been more than that.
  5. His biggest Problem is lack of screen time and proper development.

Good Qualities

  1. Despite not looking bulky, his design looks accurate to his comic book incarnation, not to mention pretty cool.
  2. His origin is accurate to the comics. The Birth of Venom scene at the Church is an extremely loyal adaptation to the comics, with great music.
  3. Sam Raimi had a great idea and vision for the character, being a dark mirror opposite image of Peter Parker. It was a very unique take on the character, made as much sense as Venom being an evil exaggerated monster Spider-Man, and it could have worked wonderfully if it were split into two parts as supposedly originally planned before Sony forced him in the final act for fan service or something.
  4. This version of Venom had some inspiration from the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics where he was a purple-ish color (or at least in promotion art and some figures) and where Eddie Brock was not a bulky guy (not to mention have the same name "Edward Brock Jr.") Which would make some sense of why Topher Grace was cast for the role aside from fitting Raimi's vision, even if you don't like it.
  5. While the Venom voice in the film was bad, his video game counterpart (the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions) had a great voice that made up for it and honestly should have been the movie voice as well.


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one month ago
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I like this Venom regardless of his flaws


one month ago
Score 0
To be Honest, I do like this version of Venom. It's my favorite Venom design of them all and had a lot of potential, but you know, Sony shoving him in and on top of that not allowing Raimi to properly develop his character. Not to mention he was my introduction to the character, so that's why I have a major soft spot for him unlike others.