Val-Yor (Teen Titans)

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Val-Yor (Teen Titans)
A fake hero..png
"I don't need any help from a stupid troq!"
Gender: Male
Type: Racist Superhero
Age: Adult
Species: Vernathian
Portrayed by: Stephen Root
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Teen Titans

Val-Yor is a one-time character in the original Teen Titans. He appears in the episode "Troq", where he recruits the Teen Titans to help him stop the Locrix.

Why He's a Troq

  1. Despite being calm and nice to Robin, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, Val-Yor is extremely cruel and racist to Starfire.
  2. Throughout his only episode, he constantly puts Starfire down and refuses to let her help on the mission, even if she asks for help.
    • He even sent her on a mission to remove mines, knowing very well that she could have died. He even looked disappointed and upset when she survived!
  3. His treatment of Starfire, especially calling her a 'troq', really upset her and made her feel useless and unwanted.
  4. When Val-Yor got trapped and become heavily wounded in a force field, he refused to let Starfire save him. He was about to be killed but his racism got in the way of getting some help.
    • Even when she did save him, his "thank you" felt half-hearted and not genuine.
  5. He never gave a reason for why he hates Starfire or any of the Tameraneans.
  6. After the other Titans rightfully defended Starfire and called Val-Yor out on his attitude towards her, he decided to consider them all "troqs" as well, proving he didn't learn anything.
  7. He is a filler character.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He’s an original character from the series, not existing in the DC Universe before this series, so we have to give him credit for that.
  2. His superhero design seems solid.
  3. Stephen Root did a great job voicing him.
  4. He was a decent character in the beginning, until the moment when he started to be mean to Starfire.


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