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Hello, my name is Ben, an editor on the Loathsome Characters Wiki and on some other wikis. I am no saint, but my goal here to add as much horrible characters to the wiki as possible (not that it means adding parodies, scratch/vyond characters, or other characters that are against the rules)

Pages (not listing deleted ones)

NOTE: You can make these pages if you want to, expect for the ones I have already made

  1. Memetchi (Tamagotchi Anime)
  2. Four (Battle For Dream Island)
  3. Alan Keane (The Amazing World of Gumball)
  4. Gelatin (Battle For Dream Island)
  5. FeeBee (Unikitty!)
  6. Beau (Unikitty!)
  7. Pancada (The Little Panda Fighter)
  8. Brimmy (South Park)
  9. Clock (Battle For Dream Island)
  10. Brooklyn (Pinkfong franchise)