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    "Behold the bootlegged version of zordan"
    Gender: Male
    Portrayed by: Geoff Dolan
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Power Rangers Super Megaforce'

    Why he sucks

    1. He is a bland rip off of zordan
    2. He is a very useless mentor rarely even calling the rangers.
    3. He nevers explain any to the rangers such as: How did he get the Ranger Key's? What are these “new power's” and where did they come from? What “adversity” did Troy go through? Why dose Gosei give out power's weapons and Zords like Halloween candy? Who are the Armada and where did they come from? Why is Jake's Super Mega Mode and Key Green and not Black? Why are The Super Megaforce Modes themed after pirates?
    4. He endlessly gives the Rangers new powers, zords, upgrades, etc. like it’s candy on trick or treat without any proper buildup and barely doing anything to help them whatsoever (which is by the way technically violating his “mentor” Zordan’s 2nd rule of being a Power Ranger never escalate battles unless forced to by your enemies)
    5. Gosei is showed to be egotistical as he named nearly all of the Megaforce Rangers weapons, gear, Zords, Megazords and Power Cards after himself. HECK He even based the Rangers Gosei Morphers on his own image.
    6. His backstory is also filled with plot holes mainly in the 1st episode he stated that “he only awakens when the earth is facing an extraordinary threat” REALLY THERE WAS MANY THREATS FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS BEFORE NOW THAT COULD HAVE USED HIS HELP YET HE DIDNT AWAKENED

    Good Qualities

    I don’t know any so if you know some feel free to edit this

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