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Draft #1 New Quinx Squad (Tokyo Ghoul:re)

Those three on the right.

The Quinx Squad (クインクス班, Kuinkusu-han) or Qs Squad is a squad affiliated to Mado Squad that consists entirely of Quinx. The Quinx members are referred to as humans with built-in quinque in their bodies, drawing a distinction between them and normal one-eyed ghouls. The members are regarded as human research subjects who have undergone the surgical procedure developed by Dr. Kouitsu Chigyou. The tasks assigned to the Quinx were often monitored and overseen by Haise Sasaki until he resigned as their mentor. They all currently reside in a house called The Chateau, located in the 1st ward.

Why They Suck

  1. While not bad on paper, they only serve nothing more than replacements for Kaneki/Haise and Shirazu. While Urie and Saiko are still memorable, the new ones don't do anything that interesting nor special.
  2. They have no proper introductions no backstories either. As it left viewers wondering who they are or why they are there.
  3. The new members hardly even interact with the Urie or Saiko, unless if they fight against ghouls.
  4. Their personalities are just as wooden and cookie cutter.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Their designs are somewhat decent.