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Mr. Wheelie is a character from the Nickelodeon show, "Robot & Monster". He is an elderly Mechanical who is the landlord of Robot Default, Monster Krumholtz, and Ogo. He is often seen ill-tempered and snarky, yet he does have his tender moments on the series. He does enjoy seeing others, especially Robot and Monster, suffer.

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Bad Qualities

  1. Mr. Wheelie is ill-tempered, snarky, and unlikable.
  2. He is extremely mean-spirited, as he loves tormenting Robot, Monster and some of the other characters.
  3. He is also a very cruel landlord. Shouldn't he be retired or get fired by now for all the trouble he has caused?
  4. He was arguably at his worst in the episode "Cheer Up, Wheelie". Here are some of the things he caused in that episode:
    • He tells Robot and Monster that he is raising their rent and teached them that life is unfair and is also a jerk.
    • He tripped over the Pole-O players by moving a Pole-O stick and blamed it on Robot and Monster which caused them to get beaten up.
    • He threw sticks of dynamite when Robot and Monster we're juggling balls for him.
    • At the end of the episode, he let Robot and Monster sleep outside just because they wanted Nessie and Wheelie dance in order to not let him raise their rent.
  5. Another thing, why is he wearing glasses if he has no eyes? Does he mean he is blind even he has glasses on?

Good Qualities

  1. His voice sounds pretty cool and it sounds very similar to Mr. Frederickson from Up.
  2. His character design is fitting.
  3. He can be nice at times, like where he saved Robot and Monster from the K. I. L. L. B. O. T. from "Security Risk".
  4. In "Cheer Up, Wheelie", we get to see his flashback where he used to like dancing, but since Nessie didn't came to the Shake Your Bacon Dance Competition because of a freak weather accident with her blimp, he now hates dancing.
    • On the plus side, near at the end of the episode, we get to see Nessie and Wheelie dance.


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