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Jeffy is a character that debuted in 2016's "Mario the Babysitter". He is voiced by Lance Thirtyacre. He didn't cause controversy until the infamous video "Jeffy's Bad Word". This page will explain why he's not a good character.

Why He Sucks

1. The main problem is the fact that Logan overuses him up to the point that it's not good anymore.

2. His jokes range from mediocre at best, to annoying at worst. Especially when in "Bad Jeffy", he says PP about like 5 times, 2 of them saying it's PP to his dad, 2 more for the PPS4 joke that was funny at first, and one for that signature annoyance.

3. His. Merch. Plugs. Are. So. Annoying.

3A. Whenever merch is shown in the video, there's a good chance of a plug.

4. Back when he was first introduced in 2016, he would poop in his pants with no context. And you though Twilight Sparkle from PONY.MOV doing that was gross. Imagine that, but more overused.

4A. It also doesn't help that even if you don't hear the sounds, when he mentions that he did it, it could still gross people out.

5. He's also a Gary Stu, because his adopted mom, Rosalina, treats him like a king, even when he doesn't deserve it.

6. He is also portrayed as a kid with autism. Even though Logan said he was supposed to be stupid, not autistic.

6A. Why am I calling this bad? It's because with all the bad qualities for Jeffy, it make Logan look like an ableist for stereotyping autistic people with Jeffy, dick move, Logan.

7. "My daddy raped me"

8. His sassy catchphrases aren't much better. Shit like "I didt haf tew" and "Nin Nagh" will make your veins boil until it's soup.

8A. Adding on to that, when Jeffy first said "I didn't hav too" in "The Pantry", it was bearable, but "Jeffy's Foster Home" and onwards, it's the complete opposite.

9. Due to his fanbase, many classic SML characters such as Mama Luigi, Woody, and Dr. Pig were written away from the show without context because Jeffy fans hate them without giving them a chance.

9A. Thankfully, Shrek, an old character, did came back.

10. Jeffy's hate boner on Green Beans is also unfunny.

11. The infamous 500th episode "Jeffy Goes Bowling"

Redeeming Qualities

1. He was the most likeable in "Jeffy's BIG Idea" because he helped Mario earn back his wife.

2. Some Jeffy videos can be funny, depending on your view.

3. "It's stuck on my pee pee dad. It feels good do it again."

4. He has gotten a little better as time goes on.