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Note: This is a sandbox of a character of my Scratch account and roleplay account. None of this is canon material. Apologies if this breaks any rules and/or goes by the Forbidden Pages. This page will NOT be official and just a practice page. If you want this to be a candidate for deletion, that's perfectly fine. Thank you for understanding!

Pasta!Verse (P!V for short) Horrortale/Horror!Sans is an Au Sans in ii_icecreamgoat's scratch Undertale Au Pasta!Verse. He's one of the many antagonists of the Au. He is known to be one of the Bad Guys Infected!Sans took from Nightmare's evil gang and originally made into a lamp for his base, but after Terrorberry's transformation got out of hand, he was made into a clone.

Why He Sucks

  1. His backstory, like many of the others, is all over the place and full of plot holes. How did Infected find Nightmare's Team? Why did he decide to turn him into a piece of decor? And why did he make him into another form of Terrorberry? Considering ii_icecreamgoat is still developing her Au, we'll get an answer, but it's unknown when.
  2. Horror himself is a VERY unlikeable character and antagonist as he only gets enjoyment from killing people and tormenting and stressing out Pasta!Verse Dust until he goes insane, often for no reason and shows no sympathy or remorse, often laughing at his agony. It seems as if Horror is some sort of Scrappy.
  3. His character design is pretty odd and maybe even laughable, not because of ii_icecreamgoat's art style, but because he is just Horrortale!Sans except covered in blood, having his axe for his arm and a different pupil, along with sharp teeth, likely showing the creator was trying to make him look edgy-looking.
  4. Shown in Pasta!Verse Dust's backstory, he's one of the reasons he has PTSD and likes to trigger out, mostly out of no reason for a good ol' laugh, which isn't even funny at all! It just comes off as being a jerk. Besides, Dust even cuts himself because of that, which is very messed up!
  5. He's a heartless prick who only cares about himself. He enjoys painting over portraits of the members of Nightmare's gang before the apparent "Infection" with blood, thinking "they look better" and moved Dust's portrait because "It was ugly". It's likely he hates his other gang members.
  6. His character is nothing but a knock-off of Creepybloom from Flutter Island. In fact, his Au/"Creepypasta" is called DUSTY Island for crying out loud! He's just Creepybloom except "Fluttershy" has PTSD and he loves to trigger it and make him go insane.
  7. He is a very unforgivable, maybe even forgettable character. His actions are FAR too unforgivable, mainly due to his personality and the way he treats others. This is why Opposite!Furi (A friend shown in various roleplays), Pasta!Verse Dust's friend, despises him!
  8. He is a very generic murderer. He's probably a stereotype as well as all he does is kill people and manipulate his former friend to helping him out, or often for fun, which is a pretty dumb reason.
  9. He likely gives his original counterpart a bad name.
  10. When he was just another form for Terrorberry, he was a complete control-freak as he'd always use this for quick getaways and easy fights, likely making him a Gary Stu.
  11. He seems like a Karma Houdini too as in the past, he'd always get away for his actions and stressing Dust out.
  12. In the past, Horror was a really good and caring friend for Dust, but now he's just a manipulative jerk and a terrible "friend", who he calls himself. Friends in real life don't manipulate their friends and use them to do your deeds, Horror! It's clear he just doesn't care about him at all and doesn't treat him more like an actual friend. He just treats him like shit.
  13. Speaking of, he is aware of his actions, yet enjoys it all!
  14. He has shown to be really creepy at times, often calling Dust "Dusty", which just sounds weird.
  15. He only manipulates Dust because "It's fun" and to try and make him into one of the already "Infected" ones, which a stupid reason.
  16. He actually murdered Young!Marvul, an innocent 6-9 year old who did nothing to him, just as an "experiment" to see if O. Wire cared about him! That's right, just to see if O. Wire actually cares about a young child skeleton, he straight-up murders him for a reaction! You could've at least asked if he did!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He often gets punishment for his actions against treating Dust like a slave. Opposite!Furi is always ready to kick his ass when he prepares to torture Dust on most occasions.
  2. Before he became a cold-hearted prick, he was a good friend to Dust.