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Media of Origin: 'Unknown'

Homer Simpson is the main protagonist of the long-running American animated sitcom The Simpsons.

Unfortunately, he has been recently going way flanderized/out of character in the recent average seasons.

Bad Qualities

  1. His first Flanderization turned him into a stupid yet lovably eccentric manchild. Eventually, he became a moronic jerkass in Seasons 9-12, physically abusing his son Bart for minor backtalk, lying to and stealing from his own family, and frequently selfish and greedy with the impulse control of a sack of weasels, and effectively an alcoholic in denial, becoming intoxicated on an almost episodic basis, while all the time oblivious of why this might not be acceptable behavior.
  2. His stupidity has been off his character to the point where it just comes off as annoying and sad rather than charming at times. 
  3. Some of the actions he does endanger his family and loved ones (e.g. framing Marge for drunk driving, refusing to let his father Abe go to the bathroom resulting in his kidney bursting).
  4. By Season 15 he somehow had absolutely no emotional control, running out of the room or bursting into tears or throwing an angry tantrum on a regular basis.
  5. Ironically his relationship with Flanders is zigzagged. He started off resentful and jealous towards Flanders if in a passive-aggressive sort of way. Starting from Season 6 he became more and more obsessively hateful towards Flanders and was obsessed with making a fool of him. This toned down greatly after Maude's death (likely because there was little way of having him torment a mourning Flanders without crossing into out-and-out vile territory), his treatment of Ned is finally more like a playful rivalry or even just a case of Innocently Insensitive, and it's about time it has toned down because it almost had Homer take a step too far.
  6. As said in the second bad quality, his mean spirited nature can sometimes be unfunny and just sad.

Good Qualities

  1. He was still a far more likable and funny character due to the fact he is a Hollywood Walk of Fame character like Mickey Mouse, even in the old seasons.
  2. He is a far better father than Peter Griffin, even at his worst.
  3. He does apologize whenever he does something wrong to Marge, in episodes like "Bonfire at the Manatees".
  4. Even though his characterization was gone from grace, he still cares about his family and his friends.
  5. There are still episodes where he is in his best. He has enough redeeming qualities in the Great Characters Wiki.
  6. His D'oh! catchphrase is still funny.