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{{CharacterInfobox |Picture = Ronnie.png |Quote = "You can't be proud to be white and male, anymore, it's not politically correct." |Born = 1989 (Possibly) |Media of origin = Cuck |Type of loathsome character = Anger
Criminal]] Ronnie is the main character from the 2019 thriller film Cuck. He is played by Zachary Ray Sherman.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is basically a rip-off of the character Joker, from 2019's Joker.
  2. He lives a miserable life throughout the entire film and he rarely gets any character development because of it, and just like Luke Skywalker from The Last Jedi, he is appeared to being very grumpy and showing very negativity all the time.
  3. He tells those black people to go back to Africa and calling them "N*ggers" to them and resulting in the beat up and yells at his boss that he thinks that ruins the country before he gets fired, which it's a VERY racist and insulting to people who came from.
  4. He had a sexual relationship with Candy, His the chemistry between him and Candy is pretty unnecessary filler romance scenes involving Ronnie and Candy.
  5. His acting is poor, especially when he is at the café with some girls, even at Candy's house shooting scene.
  6. His dialogue is nonsense, he stated that he tells everyone that you can't be proud to white and male anymore, and he stated it's not politically correct.
  7. He almost doesn't even care about his mother at all, at near the end of the film, He eventually killed her mother by choking her due to his temper after he was out of jail, finding out that Chance Dalmain made an informed on TruePatriot89 (his account) on VlogTubes.
  8. HE NEVER SHUTS UP, EVER! He keeps on going outburst when he is angry about something, like losing his car before he got arrested by the cops

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. He romanticizing of his late father’s military career.