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I love rocks.
Media of Origin: 'Unknown'

The Prometheus Crew are the crew and the scientist of the USCSS Prometheus from the Alien prequel, PrometheusAMW.

Why They All Suck


  1. All of the characters, terribly written, and none of them really develop at all.
  2. Most of their dialogue is horribly cringe-worthy, especially the infamous "I love rocks" line.
  3. The scientists say that the air on the planet is safe to breathe in, and removes his helmet, clearly unaware of the biological contaminants in a planet like that.
  4. Shaw and Vickers infamously run away from a giant ship rolling towards them in a straight line instead of out of its path, leading to them being crushed to death.
  5. They pretend Weyland was dead the whole time, but the Weyland wasn't even dead at all.
  6. Their acting very poor.


  1. How did He get lost, even though when he has the map on his arm from the whole time?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least their spaceship, the USCSS Prometheus is actually well made.
  2. At least they managed to save humanity from letting the Engineers killing all humans on planet Earth.
  3. Elizabeth Shaw is at least the most likeable character out of the crew.