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If you think that Sony will hire better executives after the failure of Ghostbusters (2016), these women will subvert your expectations!

Charlie's Angels are the main protagonists on 2019's Charlie's AngelsAMW.

Why They Suck

  1. As all of them being Angels in this movie, yet they have no purpose whatsoever.
  2. Sabrina Wilson is giving a very questionable angeliaztion, she had much physical presence, meaning that when she beat up far larger bad guys, it ends up seeming unintentionally funny rather than impressive Angel at all.
  3. Some of the Angels were spoiled and whiny brats through out the movie.
  4. They're blatantly sexist against men, meaning that the Angels are femininazis.
  5. Much later in the film, they slowly turn into Mary Sues by gaining abilities from nowhere.
    • Jane Kano starts out as the physical fighter of the team (as her actress Ella Balinska is the only one of the Angels' to have physical training.), but she suddenly gains knowledge of chemistry when stealing from the lab.
    • Sabrina Wilson starts to be the brains and street-savy hustler of the Angels, but much later she is presented as a physical fighter, which made Jane Kano appear pointless.
    • Elena Houghlin starts out as the tech-savy and nerdy chemist of the Angels, but later she becomes able to handle herself physically, further renderring Jane Kano even more pointless!
  6. Zero chemistry between the Angels.
  7. They only hired singers to play these characters just to get people to watch the film, and to also provide a soundtrack.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Naomi Scott isn't a terrible Angel at all, thus, she is the only likable Angel in this movie.
  2. As mentioned in point 5, at least Jane Kano is the only Angel portrayed by an actress who received physical training in the film




9 months ago
Score 2

Wow, Naomi Scott really knows how to make parts of films good

I think we need a film starring Naomi Scott as the main character

Icy Hot

7 months ago
Score 2
Same thing with 2017 Power Rangers and live-action Aladdin.

Anonymous user #1

8 months ago
Score 0 You
Screw the 2019 Angels, I like the original Angels played by Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz way better.


7 months ago
Score -3
Ok Boomer

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