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Nijimi Anazawa

"I want to kill her."
"My 'son', a monster!"

Nijimi "Nijimin" Anazawa is a recurring character of the psychological horror magical girl manga/anime, Magical Girl Site. She was introduced as a 14 year old pop singer of Dog Play.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem with her is that she is a short tempered little girl in private, while being a bright happy pop singer with sunshines and happiness.
  2. After Sarina revealed to her where Mikado's killer (Rina) is, she nearly killed her in her hospital room.
  3. She also goes to Aya's house to meet Aya's brother Kaname, whom Nijimi never realized that he is sadistic torturer using Aya as a stress relief.
  4. She never learns her anger whatsoever when Kaname kills her.
    • As a result, Nijimi should have helped Aya and the Magical girls defeat the King and the Site Administrators.
  5. She barely has much character development than "an angry little girl" is thrown out of the window.
  6. Her temper tantrum and being a happy pop singer does not make her a good anti-heroine at all and would have nearly murder so many people who angered her.
  7. She is rather poorly written and feels like she was written to justisfy that pop singers are mentally unstable and juvinile.
  8. Her "I want to kill her" line is predictable sometimes whenever she keeps thinking about Rina who killed Mikado.
  9. To some extent, she doesn't get any character development after her death, making it rather pointless.
  10. Like Aya, she barely tries to have the police arrest the loan sharks for torturing her father for money until the last 4 chapters.

Good Qualities

  1. Her voice acting and singing is good.
  2. When Aya went back in time to prevent girls from misfortune, Nijimi no longer has to endure her anger when his father was saved by the teleporting police officers arresting their family's loan sharks paying their debts.
  3. Having her father and her friend Mikado died, is quite reasonable why she had anger issues and you should feel sorry for her.

Brian Banner (Marvel Comics)

Brian Banner is a villain from Marvel Comics while being associated with the Hulk. He is also eventually one of the main antagonists of the Hulk comics (with, One Below All, the Leader and Abomination). Brain was introduced as the abusive father of Bruce Banner/Hulk and being his arch-nemesis due to passing on the "monster" gene that he never want to pass on. Since Brian tried to beat up his son in a funeral place where her wife was buried to prove that his mother was a fool and Bruce as a monster and a mutant (species from the X-Men comics), Bruce unintentionally kills him and his father's evil legacy would soon haunt his son when he becomes the green/gray-skinned monster that everyone knows.

Why He Sucks

  1. To get the cat out of the room for starters, Brian Banner is an abusive father of Bruce Banner who would become the monstrous Hulk, and is shown to beat him up due to having a "monster" gene passed on to him whom Brian didn't want to have, making him an unsympathetic, yet unapologetic antagonist and a mean popular boy for that.
  2. He mostly exists to depict that abusive parents are reckless and cruel, but thats not the case.
  3. He is extremely sexist towards women including his wife, Rebecca, who deeply cares about Bruce and tried to get away from him when the latter kills her to prove that everyone are not foolish.
  4. Instead of mourning killing his wife, he just…tells her to stop being a fool to herself
  5. He treats Bruce like a weak puppy who doesn't deserve a good treatment and he barely apologizes for his actions whatsoever.
  6. He maybe an abuser and a sociopath, but his cruelty to Bruce and Rebecca makes him much evil to the overarching Hulk villain, One Below All as well as other well-known Marvel villains (Galactus, Apocalypse, Thanos, Leader, and Abomination), who are supposed to be twisted and evil.
  7. He pretends to be the victim like he tried to keep Bruce away from his crimes during a court trial of his wife's murder from him.
  8. He is no better when Brian is freed from a mental institution and continues to beat up Bruce for holding dirt from his mother's grave, in which Bruce unintentionally kills him in self-defense, leading his son to be haunted by him when he becomes the Hulk.
  9. His "monster" catchphrase is repetitive whenever he insults Bruce.
  10. He is poorly developed and barely has any much characterization as his "domestic abuser" personality is thrown out the window when he kills his wife.
  11. Aside abusing his wife and son, Brian barely cares about his sisters, Elaine and Susan, who also cared about Bruce as well, even tried to give a letter to Susan during an incident when Bruce was a teenager in high school, whom she doesn't want to read it.
  12. He is mostly one of the most hated Marvel characters.
  13. He often verbally abuses Bruce nonstop such as trying to destroy his christmas gifts, taunting him while being drunk from delusions and alcoholisms, and nothing else.
    • In the subject of the Ultimate Hulk novel, Brian was also abused by his own father, Bruce I, and had believed that he inherited a "monster" gene from him which led to his abusive nature and wants to never have any children in fear.
      • In the pages of Immortal Hulk, when Brian became a scientist, he started investigating gamma radiation and its anomalistic behavior as Brian was under the influence of a grotesque entity called the One Below All, who hails from the lower dimension of Hell called Below-Place.
  14. He is also even no better in the Immortal She-Hulk issue, where he met his now-grown up niece, Jennifer Walters from the Below-Place, who has been aware that her uncle murdered her aunt and "destroyed" his son from making his life a living hell, but just doesn’t care about that at all.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His human design is well-made while his Devil Hulk design looks intimidating.
  2. He been defeated many times by Bruce/Hulk during Chaos War and Immortal Hulk.


  1. When he helped the One Below All (to just probably wanted Bruce to suffer), Brian thinks that Bruce is the One Below All's "son" instead of him.