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    Welcome to the Charactapedia, the online encyclopedia about fictional characters from various types of media such as cartoons, sitcoms, video games, and movies. It features facts about these characters including their personalities, their pros and cons, their heroic/villainous deeds, and more. This wiki also features character tropes, which are major attributes of fictional characters and help make them unique from each other!

    This wiki is currently in development, so expect more pages to be added over time.

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    Peppa Pig is a 4-year-old pig and the titular main protagonist of the UK animated TV series Peppa Pig. She is the daughter of Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig, and the older sister of George Pig.


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    Luke Skywalker (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

    "I at one point had to say to Rian Johnson, 'I pretty much fundamentally disagree with every choice you’ve made for this character'." — Mark Hamill ArticleLists/25 "Go away!" Gender: Male Type: The Dark Side of Luke Skywalker Age: 53 Species: Human Portrayed. . . more
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    Do the Little Einsteins deserve to be on Loathsome Characters Wiki?
    Here are reasons why Why they deserve to get stuck on an island and never travel through the globe Rip-offs for a reason, their designs look eerily similar to South Park’s character design style Leo is too underage to pilot a rocket, if that happened in real life, he would spend life in prison. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif11 comments
    Can Simon's Mom (Simon Brea's TikTok and Youtube videos) be added in this wiki?
    What if she is going to be added in Loathsome Characters Wiki? Since she is one of the most sadistic and abusive mothers that made Bowser (SML) and Mrs. Brovlovski (South Park) look like nice parents.. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif4 comments
    Flanders list
    Notable Victims of Flanderization If highlighted in green, it is positive flanderization. Family Guy Peter Griffin (season 8-present; He went from a from somewhat of a bumbling yet ultimately cared about his family, and was incredibly respectful to Meg (one episode involved him saying he'd take a. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif0 comments
    Mrs misery
    Mrs Misery is the main antagonist of the 1000 Ways to Die death Domin-a-dead and the episode it appears in, Dead and Deader Why She Puts Everyone in Misery (No Pun Intended) (W.I.P) The Only Redeeming Quality Melissa Labatut does a great job portraying her.. . . more
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    Sergey Nosikova
    Sergey Ilyich Lenin Nosikova is the secondary antagonist of the Super Vadimka franchise.. . . more
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    I am going to be on vacation for about 4 days
    I am putting this here to let users know that I won’t be as active for about 4 days as normally am. So don’t ask me to much stuff and hope you have a nice time contributing to this wiki while I am on my vacation.. . . more
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    Tangy The Rate

    Template:ClassicTemplate:EXEsTemplate:InGameTemplate:Controversial Template:Name:Tangy Template:Age: 16 Template:A.I. Template:Gender=Female Template:Eyes=Black Template:Species=Rat Template:-Hight: Currently unknown - Template:Made by:johnadon68 Template:Voiced By:lovelywishes {{Sexuality:. . . more
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    How to Make Good Dubs Bad
    Pokemon (4Kids Dub) Super Milk Chan (Unedited dub). . . more
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    My hatred towards Dimwitty Smurf
    Why do I hate him? In most of the episodes where it appears, it is practically useless and has no other personality than to be stupid. He often makes the child and he is very immature and cannot understand the feelings of others who are annoyed by him. He showed several times in some episodes that. . . more
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    Does Judge Holden from Blood Meridian count for this wiki?

    So...since we have Vukmir and Alan Yates here, I was wondering...can Holden count? I'd say so. He is a p*dophile who made a tree of dead infants he killed, framed a priest as a zoophilic imposter to ruin his life, r*ped and scalped the native kid he raised, and is genocidal against natives. Plus,. . . more
    voteIcon.gif3 votescomment.gif4 comments
    Should the Nocturnus Clan of Sonic Chronicles fame appear?
    I mean, they're a VERY poorly-written group. And even Ken Penders attacked both EA Games and SEGA for taking concepts from the Archie Comics (that SEGA won for some reasons), and that Penders claimed every character from Chronicles was too similar to his characters.. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif1 comment
    Is Sonic (Sonic Prime) a Loathsome Character?
    So, it seems like a lot of Sonic fans are displeased with the character, so, I'm wondering if this is enough to make him a Loathsome Character. Basically, the main complaint with him is that he's stupid, which is especially absurd considering this takes place after Advance 3, so he should be a lot. . . more
    voteIcon.gif0 votescomment.gif2 comments
    My swan song
    Notice that I am going to leave the wiki because I feel that I fulfilled my purpose which was to include the rest of the Ice Age characters, whether they be flanderized versions of good characters or hated characters (Or both in the case of the flanderized versions of Crash and Eddie), with the. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif1 comment
    Can we add Phineas and Ferb to the wiki?
    Here are my reasons: 1. He has caused extreme amounts of destruction all over Danville (defacing a national monument in "Candace Loses Her Head", destroying an entire neighborhood for a beach in "Lawn Gnome Beach Party Of Terror", doing a lot of illegal street racing in "Ain't No Kiddie Ride" and. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif3 comments
    Should we add Haiji Towa on this wiki?
    This is my first blog post on this wiki so don't bully me ;) Here's some reasons why we should add Haiji Towa from Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls on this wiki. He is hated by almost everyone in the Danganronpa fandom. The New Qualitipedia Wiki describes him as worse than the. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif1 comment
    How to Make Good Characters Better
    Timmy Turner Don't make him a butt-monkey. Fred Luckpuig Don't make him unfunny. Agent Brains Don't make her weird. SpongeBob SquarePants Keep his voice lower-pitched.. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif0 comments
    How to Make Good Characters Bad
    Timmy Turner De-age him to pre-schooler. He is voiced by Bryn McAuley (using his Caillou voice). Fred Luckpuig He is dumb and unlikable. Agent Brains She is dumb and unlikable. SpongeBob SquarePants His voice is more higher pitched than really is.. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif0 comments
    How to Make Bad Video Games Worse
    E.T. Make a high-definition sequel to this game, kinda. They did that in the AVGN Movie (which is good to begin with), then why not in real-life? The graphics are messier than they were. Annoying low-quality chiptune music plays in the background. The game crashes half-way through. The game is. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif0 comments
    How to Make Bad Video Games Good
    Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly Have there be less time on the loading screens. The controls aren't as slippery. Fix a lot of technical issues, like making the framerate 60 per second. Have more dragonflies, like about 120 of them. Have more levels, like up to 25, to make the game fun. Have this. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif0 comments
    How to Make Good Video Games Better
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Make Navi less annoying. Make the puzzles present in the dungeons a little less confusing. Include more dungeons in the early game. Make the game's bosses A LOT better (I'm not saying all of them are bad, but a lot are). Give Cuccos a better-sounding rooster. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif0 comments
    How to Make Good Mobile Games Better
    Cut the Rope. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif0 comments
    How to Make Good Mobile Games Bad
    Cut the Rope My Singing Monsters Every vocal monster has Peckinda’s or Gobbleygourd’s vocals. Remove Wubbox. Remove the Fire element and the Fire monsters. The game crashes very often. There are a lot of bugs, and the Monster Handlers do not fix them. Remove the Werdos. Remove Shugabush and. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif0 comments
    How to Make Good Video Games Bad
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Make Navi talk more and have her automatically talk for you. You'll never make it past Kaepora Gaebora (the Annoying Owl) because of the two options titled "Yes". Remove a majority of the collectibles. Remove the "Golden Skull Token" Sidequest and the awards. . . more
    voteIcon.gif1 votecomment.gif1 comment

    Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner (Animaniacs, Kids WB era)

    ArticleLists/25 Oh Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, what have they done to you? Gender: Male (Yakko and Wakko)Female (Dot) Type: The mean-spirited sides of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Age: 14 (Yakko)11 (Wakko)10 (Dot) Species: Cartoonus characterus Portrayed by: Rob Paulsen. . . more
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