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    Sir Miles Axlerod
    Have you met Axlerod? No? Good.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Manipulative Mobster who attempts to make alternative fuel look bad.
    Species: 1978 Branford Axlerod
    Portrayed by: Eddie Izzard
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Cars
    First appearance: Cars 2
    Last appearance: Cars 3 (as a cameo)

    Sir Miles Axlerod is the main antagonist of Pixar's 12th feature film Cars 2. He is the leader of the lemons and "used" to be user of oil before being converted into an electric car, as told by Mel Dorado. He is fully responsible for the creation of Allinol and the intentional sabotages of the racers that use them. He was voiced by the LGBTQ+ actress Eddie Izzard.

    Why He's A Lemon Of A Villain

    1. He is one of Pixar's most boring and uninteresting villains yet. He amounts to a generic evil rich mobster who wants to be the richest in the world. He lacks anything beyond that, and has no characteristics to make him even remotely engaging.
      • In addition, he overshadows the comparatively much more entertaining and cooler Professor Z.
    2. He is considered one of the worst twist villains written, which says a lot considering how many of them in the 2010s were either thoroughly disliked or breaks the fandom’s base. Axlerod gets barely any screen time as a villain before the reveal and was immediately defeated in an extremely humiliating way just seconds after he is revealed as the secret Lemon Kingpin. With negligible screen time alone, Axlerod was more poorly received than even other base-breaking twist villains.
    3. His disguised Lemon Kingpin voice is literally the exact same as his normal voice but lower-pitched, which doesn't really help in hiding the plot twist he was the evil mastermind all along. I
    4. His motive is flat out stupid and illogical: He got himself lost due to his poor engine when attempting to circumnavigate the world and felt mocked, and didn't bother trying to replace his engine even though he is one of the richest cars in the world.
    5. His plan is even dumber and more illogical than his motive as well. consisting in spending loads of money creating a fuel brand and use more money to create a race solely to sabotage it in order to paint alternative fuel as bad and have people switch to gasoline so he can be the richest car in the world. That is ridiculously convoluted and even counterproductive, considering how much money he would have to spend.
    6. He is revealed in an embarrassing manner, in which Mater outsmarts him into giving himself out as the leader of the Lemons, and Mater is about far away from the brightest bulb, making Axlerod more pathetic than anything and less of a threatening figure.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Eddie Izzard did a great job voicing him.
    2. His character design is at least on brand.
    3. He deactivated his own bomb though it was only so he wouldn't die.
    4. He got his comeuppance for his actions, as he did get arrested towards the end for all his crimes.


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