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"And THATS why I decided to SAVE the bees! BZzzzzz!!"
Gender: Male
Type: Horribly Unfunny MrBeast CopyCat
Age: Adult
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Colin Carter
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Dhar Mann videos

MrFeast is a character who appeared in 3 of YouTuber Dhar Mann's videos. He is an eagerly money hungry and rude man who, to his name, tries to copy MrBeast.

Why MrBeast Chomps Him Down

  1. Inconsistent personality: In the first video he appeared in, he seemed as an actually kind MrBeast copycat, but in the videos following, all of a sudden he is a mean-spirited jerk who wants to succeed of everything MrBeast has done. This is similar to something that happened to Mikey in 2 videos.
  2. He is rather selfish and will only do things so his videos succeed, as he quite literally forced his friends to change their name so they'd sound "cool".
  3. As with almost all Dhar Mann actors, he also has lackluster and boring acting that feels extremely static with barely any effort and emotion put in.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least he was better in the first video featuring him, and was OK at the end of his final appearance.



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