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Joe Sparks
Joe Sparks render.jpg
"Oh dear oh dear oh dear!"
Gender: Male
Type: Idiotic Mike Flood Clone
Age: Unknown; most likely adult
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Alex Lowe (UK)
Mike Pongracz (US)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Fireman Sam

Joe Sparks is a recurring character in British show Fireman Sam. He is the town mechanic. He lives wth his wife Lizzie and daughter, Hannah in their house. He has a garage where most of his building takes place. He was introduced in season 9.

Bad Qualities

  1. Basically, all he is just Mike Flood from the series with a few minor edits; Mike is more of a house plumber and handyman, whilst Joe for the most part makes inventions and has a garage, but other than that they're both the town's basic handymen, infact, Joe is more so a modernized version of Mike.
  2. Similar to modern day Elvis, he is rather idiotic and immature for his inventions, many of which put him, his family, and friends in danger.
    • In one short, he tried to show how the smoke alarm works, but rather than pressing the button, his genius way is to take an extinguished match and put it up to the alarm. However, he get's scared, dropping the match on a lit candle and causing an actual fire.
  3. He also does not know how to be responsible for his gadgets, as commonly he lets them without caring, leading to things going awry. Some examples are:
    • In "The Return of Norman Man", when Norman asks Joe for a jetpack, Joe reveals it, yet he doesn't make sure Norman doesn't take it, and as a result, Norman took the jetpack."
    • TBA
  4. TBA

Good Qualities

  1. TBA


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