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A mediocre loquendero/character criticizing a mediocre company in a nutshell...
Gender: Male
Type: Idiot loquendero who doesn't have neurons
Species: Loquendero
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Youtube

Shatequi (formerly Antitelevisa2008) is a loquendero who originally started on YouTube in 2008, but after forgetting his password, he returned in 2015 under a new channel. Its content consists of criticisms and tops against the Mexican television station Televisa.

He began to make videos with Loquendo, at the time known as the "golden era of Loquendo", where a large part of the users made videos with this voice synthesizer about various topics; in his case, videos against Televisa. By mid-2010, his original channel was abandoned because he forgot the password; but it was not until February 2, 2015 that he returned under a new eponymous account. Since then it has gained some popularity for which it has gained considerable detractors, especially the user Mamonymous.

At the end of August it began to vary its content, making comic videos and others not related to Televisa or TV Azteca. On August 10, 2020, he changed the name of his main channel to Shatequi.

Why It Sucks

  1. Frankly, he was an annoying idiot, a crybaoon and a hypocrite who didn't learn from his mistakes.
  2. He didn't respect criticism , mostly when a person was making a review or a video of for Antitelevisa2008 ,what he did before was in the comments putting hahahahahaha and saying other words like what they were saying was a lie or telling the person who made the video that Televisa had brainwashed her.
  3. He said the Clickbait was bad, although this is fine, the problem is that in itself in one that another video clickbait made to attract more people and their fans.
  4. Most of the time he said erroneous arguments and he never knew 100% about the episodes of La Rosa de Guadalupe, examples?, He said in a video that an episode of La Rosa de Guadalupe was bad because a black person appeared in the episode and said that's why the episode incited racism.
  5. Hypocrisy:He says that using women as sexual objects is wrong, though what he said is fine, he is subscribed to TuCosmopolis which usually puts porn images as a miniature to attract more people and Antitelevisa2008 himself put a semi-naked women in a video.
  6. His arguments are repetitive and silly, as when in a video of the worst episodes of La Rosa de Guadalupe where he said that an episode was bad just for being based controversial facts, in his video of Televisa's Worst Children's Programs he said that En Familia Con Chabelo was bad because he incited obesity because candy companies were promoted in En Familia Con Chabelo because the program was popular with children and he said chespirito was despicable because he was a follower of Adolf Hitler because Hitler appeared in an episode of El Chapulin Colorado but he ignores that in that episode El Chapulin mocked Hitler by telling crazy,Antitelevisa2008 also says things like that killing insects is a crime,it is also confirmed that Antitelevisa2008 made copypaste of pages such as La Rosa de Guadalupe Page to write the synopsis.
  7. On his channel most videos were only about Televisa and he almost never made videos of anything else, except for two videos that were not Televisa or people who work there,those videos were also boring or unre interesting,even some of his fans stopped watching the Antitelevisa2008 videos because Antitelevisa2008 is just stuck in the same thing over and over again.
  8. He did bad or terrible things like:
    • Wishing other people the death (Hasta pronto amig@s)
    • Insult Americans (El gran malinchismo de Televisa)
    • Disrespecting people (Hasta pronto amig@s) (Las 10 personas más feas de Televisa) (El gran malinchismo de Televisa) (He usually did it in the comment box of the reviews that made him)
    • Harassing people alongside their fans (Comments box of reviews)
    • Use fake tags to make the videos stand out hanging himself from the fame of the most famous youtubers of the moment
  9. His videos suffer from mediocre writing with lazy and silly arguments, copying and pasting things from Wikipedia and the La Rosa De Guadalupe page, extreme hypocrisy and background music that tires over time and tell silly jokes.
  10. The editing is mediocre, it seems done in Movie Maker, it also sometimes only uses images instead of videos, which turns out that their channel's videos are more boring than they already were.
  11. It was revealed that this user was a Social Justice Warrior, as in his farewell video said that using women as sexual objects was bad or when he said racism and killing insects is wrong, although it contradicted himself because in a video he put a semi-naked girl, harassed people who criticized him and even insulted Americans and that we should not consume American products.
  12. His hypocritical phrase in "Gracias a tod@s":Tal vez no aportaba nada,quizá no eran la gran cosa o no tenían ediciones magistrales,pero al menos yo era original,mi contenido jamás fue robado de otros y que yo tomará crédito de ello,yo nunca discrimine, ofendi,amenace a nadie,vamos, ni siquiera respondía a mis haters cuando más mierda me tiraban. (Maybe i didn't bring anything, maybe my videos weren't the big thing or my videos didn't have masterful edition, but at least I was original, my content was never stolen from others and that I'll take credit for it,I never discriminate, offend, threatens anyone,come on, I didn't even answer to my haters no matter how much shit they threw at me)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In 2020 he changed its contents giving more variety and changing its name to Shatequi.
  2. The edition, while mediocre, may be enjoyable for some people.
  3. He was nice to his fans.


Antitelevisa2008 (Shatequi) has been criticized by many users, mainly by Mamonymous, who has revealed many things about his identity; even Antitelevisa himself tried to defend himself against the videos that this one dedicated to him; however Mamonymus refuted every detail of his answers. Another way in which he was criticized is in the form of "argumentation" that he uses in his videos, blaming Televisa programs a lot, using Wikipedia's copypaste and saying that a program gives a bad message just because the chapter is about some topic; this is mostly shown in his videos about La Rosa de Guadalupe, also some of his old fans got tired of him, like Benjamin GC, who gave Antitelevisa2008 (Shatequi) a criticism of 41 minutes and 55 seconds.


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