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It's a Sandbox!

Anyhow here are the 10 Loathsome Characters I'm Planning to Add:

  1. Sarah and Her Sisters (Willa's Wild Life) (Basiclly the rich brats next door)
  2. Lord Cucuface (Madeline) (Specials and Season 1 only) (Treats 7-Year olds like Collage Students)
  3. Makiko (Tamagotchi) (Jerk, Also Extremely Bossy)
  4. Hemispheretchi (Tamagotchi, Correct me if I'm Wrong) (Perverted Princess)
  5. Elliot (Elliot Kid) (The Non-Niche Caillou)
  6. The Gotchi King (Tamagotchi, 90's Version Only) (Mr.Krabs before Mr.Krabs)
  7. Felicity (Anne of Green Gables) (Self-Explanatory)
  8. Mr. Restti (Animal Crossing)
  9. Filter 2 (I'll think of Some more)
  10. Filter 3 (I'll think of Some more)

And a few (Rejected) Niche ones Too that I'll Post as a PDF :

  1. Lulu (Word Party) (Extremely Unlikeable, Though she is a Baby)
  2. The Robot (Thomas Edison's Secret Lab (I think my hatred for the show has Gone Too far.)
  3. Olly (Dive Olly Dive!) (Again, Extremely Unlikeable. Even Comparable to Modern SpongeBob)
  4. Peppa Pig (Peppa Pig) (Not too bad. Other than Fat shamming her Dad a lot and is a Mary Sue)
  5. Fico (Doki) (Really Annoying)
  6. Lance Boil (Grossology) (Villain. And Sloppy Joe's Worse)
  7. Puffball (BFDI) (EXTREMELY UNLIKEABLE. MORE THAT LULU! Sorry for All Caps)