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    User:Randomguy1234/Rabid Rebecca (Horrid Henry)

    Randomguy1234/Rabid Rebecca (Horrid Henry)
    Gender: Female
    Age: Teen
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Horrid Henry

    Why She Is Intentionally a Stuckup Bossy Teen

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, she treats Henry and Peter like butt-monkeys as she doesn't like them getting in her way all the time.
    2. Her snorting can easily get annoying.
    3. She told Henry and Peter to go to their rooms, otherwise she would have done something really bad to them.
    4. At the end of the episode, she threatened Henry by saying "Right, you little worm. I'm going to tear you apart limb by limb", which means she was going to actually do something bad to Henry. Luckily, his parents came in and she ran saying "she was just leaving."
    5. She is a filthy chair hog who watches TV and eats crisps.
    6. In "Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher", she raised her voice at Henry for not leaving her classroom when told.
    7. She treats both Henry and Peter like trash.
    8. She chased Peter at the end of the episode after singing "Frere Jacques".
    9. She is portrayed as a snotty selfish teen who gives teens a bad look.
    10. She is a mean-spirited character for not letting the classroom leave after the bell rang.
    11. She looks quite ugly in the book series.
    12. She almost stepped on Henry after being invited in by his parents.
    13. She is gluttonous because after being let in she immediately asked "What's for lunch?"
    14. She breaks deals so quickly after agreeing with Henry.
    15. She sent Henry to bed just for dancing with Peter in front of the TV.
    16. She is so ungrateful when Peter asked politely "Would you like some popcorn?", she spills the popcorn on the floor leaving Peter to pick it up.
    17. Her moaning when entering the classroom sounds uncanny and sounds like a zombie.
    18. She is her worst in "Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher" where she doesn't let anyone leave after the bell rings and slams doors, breaking or destroying stuff in her way.
    19. she made William cry due to her loud echoing voice.
    20. After she tries to send Henry and Peter to bed late she suggests a game of hide and seek and she threatened both the boys that if she found them they would be wishing they haven't.
    21. Her behaviour is appalling. She tells Henry to shut up and abuses him by throwing him off the sofa while watching Rapper Zapper.
    22. She insulted Brainy Brian by calling him a creep even though she looks like one herself.
    23. She got Henry wet after his prank failed by spraying him with the shower head and then laughing at him for falling in the toilet.
    24. She hates babysitting children because she wants to do what she wants and doesn't let anyone else do what they want.
    25. Don't even think about moving from that bed or you will be sorry that YOU WERE BORN!
      she is disrespectful to Henry's toys by hitting them with a newspaper/comic book
    goods good i like good i respect good i COMMAND GOOD ARE we clear?

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her design is good.
    2. Sue Elliot Nicholas did a great job voicing her.
    3. At least she got her well-deserved karma in "Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher" where Mrs Odbodd fires her from her school for her outrageous behaviour.
    4. She is likely meant to be hated due to her attitude.
    5. File:Rabid rebeca running away like a cowardly chiken.png
      running like a chicken/coward
      her funny but evil behaviour
      File:Henry falling in the toilet.png
      ha haꜜ
      She can be excused for her behaviour becuse she is a teenager and teens are grumpy.
    6. you can both go to bed right nowꜜ
      She is scared of spiders which is funny becuse when she sees one she makes funny noises
    7. She runs like a chicken in Horrid Henry perfect perfume
    8. She can have some funny moments in the series, like her spraying Henry with a shower head and closing the fridge so that Henry would spill juice on himself.
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