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Note: This is supposed to be a joke blog and not a real page so please don't take it too seriously. Also, you can contribute as well just as long as you don't vandalize. Either way, don't make this into a real page since this is ment to be bad.

PlantyB0i (usurped)/sandbox/randomness
Gender: Female
Type: Doofus
Species: Human?
Media of Origin: ARMS

Min Min is one of the playable characters from ARMS. She is a Chinese martial artist who battles to promote her family's ramen restaurant. Min Min is indeed likable, but the way she appears in the movie Skung-Jilling Fung makes her unlikable.


  1. She suffered from flanderizaion. At first, she starts of as a likable character to a complete doofus.
  2. She is such a jackass because she didn't let Helix join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and instead became this moron who treats Helix like crap.
  3. She eats too much noodles which is to much carbs. This is proof that she doesn't have a proper freaking diet. Keep in mind that too much carbs can increase blood sugars, lead to diabetes, and have some extra pounds.
  4. She is friends with the Ice Age baby. What else is there to say?
  5. She is a zoophile since she has a crush on Po from Kung Fu Panda. She even stalks at Po and even Po himself knows how creepy her obsession is.
  6. She worships The Emoji Movie, Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000, the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie series, Hellboy 2019, Norm of the North, The Nun, The Room, Jack and Jill, CATS, Batman & Robin, Baywatch 2017, Dragonball: Evolution, The Oogieloves, Nutty Professor II, Fifty Shades of Grey, and FANT4STIC which are TRASH MOVIES BECAUSE SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO WATCH THESE GOSH DARN FILMS AND IT'S A SIN TO LIKE THEM. She's also friends with some of the characters form the movie. Though this is everyone's opinions.
  7. She kink shams Lola Pop a lot. When she and Lola were fighting, Min Min witnessed Lola's ability to inflate like a balloon. What does she do? She grabs a pin out of nowhere and pops Lola due to the fact that she can blow up like a balloon. ZOMG, WHAT A HEARTLESS GOON!
  8. She started this thing called noodleization where she turns every food into noodles for no reason.
  9. She drove Spring Man to suicide (though Spring Man survived thankfully) simply because she made fun of how "boring" Spring Man looks. Hell, even Spring Man attempted to kill Min Min thus having Biff to ban her from fighting against Spring Man. THANKS A LOT MIN MIN! >:(
  10. When she finds out that Twintelle is just as popular as her, she vandalizes Twintelle's page on Wikipedia by adding false facts about her.
  11. She has a love triangle that is unrealistic. She truly has a crush on Ninjara yet she also has a crash on Po the Panda which does not many any sense at all. Holy Moly!
  12. She believes that Chuck E. Cheese's is using leftover pizzas to the customers. WTF!
  13. She briefly re-branded Mintendo Noodle House to a rip-off of Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant called Ram N. Min's which is basically Chuck E. Cheese's but with ramen instead of pizza. She and her family got sued by Chuck E at one point, but thankfully Min Min and her family were able to survive.
  14. When she and Ribbon Girl were going to perform on Ribbon Girl's stage, Min Min had to do a bunch of Fortnite dances. WHAT?
  15. She's a NatDexer and spams the twisted #BringBackNationalDex.
  16. She made Bruce Banner angry. She doesn't even realize that she wouldn't like Bruce when he's angry
  17. She has some cringy jokes she makes up like when she prays while saying Ramen instead of amen at the end of her prayer which is stupid.
  18. She becomes a religious nut-job in a brief scene where she lashes out to those who rejects ramenism.
  19. She's so obsessed with Ramen that she sometimes puts ramen on everything like pizza, burgers, cakes, ice cream, cereal, eggs, pie, custard, sandwiches, the list goes on. Hell, even she got fired at a pizza place just for putting ramen in the pizza thus having Peter Parker claim that he's not paying for those pizzas meaning that even Peter Parker hates Min Min's pizza.
    • Another instance was when Heavy Weapons Guy wanted Min Min to make a sandwich, but she puts ramen it Heavy's sandwich thus causing Heavy to get sick.
    • Too add more salt to the wounds, she listened to Big Smoke's order, but she put ramen in his food which caused Big Smoke to get pissed off.
  20. She somehow created tons of plot-holes like when she was able to survive from Galeem's beams. HOW THE HELL CAN SHE LIVE LIKE THAT?
  21. When she wanted to be in a Disney movie, she got rejected due to the fact that she was riding on a Ramen Truck while treating the streets like a race track instead of a community track thus giving her a big fat ticket.
  22. She annoys Byte and Barq by saying NOW THAT'S A LOTTA DAMAGE every time she wins against them.
  23. She makes up the dumbest decisions, like when she watch Rick & Morty while eating tons of ramen just because she think it's makes her smarter. KNOWLEDGE DOES NOT COME FROM RICK & MORTY AND HOW DOES LIKING A SHOW MAKES YOU SMARTER!?!?!?!!?!?!
    • Another instance was when she joined the Piston Cup racing series and she had to put ramen in her car thinking that her car likes ramen just because Min Min rides her race car. What happened is that her car went bananas and had to be disqualified from the race. Even some ramen spewed out of the car Min Min was riding on thus causing some of the racers to get a car crash. Even Lightning McQueen knew that the ramen on the road is dangerous.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She does regrets her questionable actions and is willing to apologize to some friends like Spring Man and Twintelle.
  2. She and Ninjara finally got together and they started to become a good couple.
  3. Later on, she becomes just as likable as her video game counterpart.
  4. Sometimes, this version of Min Min can be so bad it's hilarious.
  5. She's still nice most of time. Mainly when her flanderization stopped which caused her to fully redeem herself.