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Little Guy is the main protagonist from the webseries called Greeny Phatom.

Why He Sucks

  1. His character is poorly drawn, as it features an ant looking creature wearing a basketball head.
  2. He can be mean-spirited at times.
    1. Like when he shoots Doctor with a gun.
    2. Injured Dr. Beanson with a chainsaw.
    3. Destroys his computer when his Sony Vegas account got expired.
    4. And, even been known to threaten his friend's lives.
  3. Similar from the first reason, he is also poorly animated as it only showed in slideshow and drawn in MS Paint (I'm not kidding!). This was improved by James Sharp when he reanimated the first few episodes.
  4. He is also a manchild, due to being a spoiled brat and throwing temper tantrums.
  5. He has his huge hate boner for Russian Music for unknown reasons. Even when Doctor tries to sing those songs, he would threaten to beat the living crap of him.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He can be a so bad it's good character. Depending on the viewer. It might be the same reason that he can often be hilarious due to his immature behavior.
  2. Sometimes his actions can be the best part of the show. But that's not saying by much.


  • His hatebase and the hatebase of the show itself became popular around October 2013, due to Carlos Squidarmy's rant on this show. The hatebase rise when Skipper The Penguin (Not the character itself but the user itself.) agreed to the rant and closed the Wiki. This era was also nicknamed as the Great greeny Purge. (Yes, they used to have a Wikia Website.)

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