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Elsa Gardner is a character from Atypical.

Why She Sucked

  1. She cheated on her husband Doug with a bartender named Nick for no clear reason.
    • Plus, she literally has kids, so it just shows how she herself is a bad influence on her children, despite the fact that she's their mother!
  2. She is extremely overprotective over Sam just because he's autistic, as she literally thinks that he's too young to date at 18. Some people start dating when they're 13, keep that in mind, Elsa!
  3. Like her husband Doug, she reveals things for no good reason. For example, she told the person at the cash register that she cheated on her husband.
  4. She pushed a lady at a store while talking. Sure, this was supposed to be a demonstration, but still.
    • In addition, when she did this, she was arguing that Sam should be able to shop in a quiet space because he doesn't like loud noises, even though he never actually said the sounds at the shops bothered him, and actually handled it pretty well.
  5. She was extremely bitchy to Julia because she encouraged him to date (which as mentioned at BQ#1, she thinks that he's "too young to date" because she's overprotective) to the point where she moved her ass around in her car due to the fact that Zahid did so previously to someone he hated, which he told Elsa about.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. She improved in the fourth season.


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