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Doug is a character in Atypical. He has received flanderization in Season 4.

Bad Qualities

  1. He is an example of a flanderized character, as he was decent in the earlier seasons, but changed his personality in this season from a responsible adult to a cruel and immature father.
  2. When Izzie told him that she was concerned about her quitting track, he said to her that it was her fault that Casey was feeling so stressful and that she quit track, which is not only false, but also extremely cruel.
    • In addition to this, when Casey confronted him about it, he literally defended his actions, which just shows that he takes an extremely long time to realise what he's done.
  3. He randomly decided to tell Elsa that he kissed Megan in New York, even though this wasn't even necessary to mention because he had already decided to be with Elsa instead.
  4. He also started having cigars in this season, which is not a good idea considering what they can do to you.

Good Qualities

  1. As mentioned on BQ#1, he was more likable in the previous seasons.
  2. At least he apologized for the things he said to Izzie.


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