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"ignore me" -MerleCult

MerleCult is a Roblox myth and is one of the 3 newest cult members in the Cult Family along with WaldenCult and AkramCult.

Why He Sucks

He acts very rude in game and acts like an asshole.

He makes fun of things like the Roblox's Myths Containment Facility and players.

He said he despises the current state of myths and being crowded by others, but wants to be seen like everyone else, not some sort of popular figure, which makes him a hypocrite.

His grammar is terrible, which makes him sound like a wannabe myth.

He acts toxic.

He kicked Eriou from his game for no reason whatsoever.

He friended Crzzz so he can unfriend him, which makes him an idiot.

Speaking of which, he also acts idiotic.

He made his server public just to talk to people and to act rude without them even talking.

He only says SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP and nothing else, which can get pretty annoying real fast.

In a game, all he did was just tell people to shut up and go away, proving that he's nothing but just a cruel jerk.

In a different server, he told everyone to shut up, even though they said nothing.

Although this has been proven false, it is likely stated that he was the one behind EmmettCult's death (despite the fact that Emmett was a corrupt church leader to begin with), as Emmett was last spotted in The Lloyd Residence with Merle, and when they went into the office, Emmett left the game, and Merle exited the office and left shortly after, then Emmett updated his avatar to the current one he has and Merle changed his status to: "Goodbye Emmett", hinting that he may have killed Emmett by stabbing him to death!

Thanks to him, The Cult Family is now a mess thanks to Emmett's death, leaving his adopted son Jack, Merle himself, Walden, Akram, John, David, Lenz, Zach, Eudora (despite her inactiveness), Don, Brandon and Leni the only ones alive.


MerleCult himself is suspected to be the son of MartinCult, because in game, minja2003 asked if he knew Martin and he responded with: "Yes, I know father"